Top 5 Smart Home Appliance For Your Modern Homes


Want to give your home a technological makeover? These five smart home appliance can definitely take you one step ahead towards that futuristic home you desire. Life of Iron Man is not sci-fi anymore.

RYDIS Pro RoboVacMop Hybrid Robot Vacuum Cleaner by Moneual

Your very own vacuum cleaner now becomes smarter with the RYDIS Pro by Moneual. It can be considered as the next-gen hybrid robot which can vacuum, mop and track its own performance. The cleaner features the industry’s largest Big Mop and H20 Tank that is capable of mopping and vacuuming at the same time or differently, depending on your requirements. The device comes with an upward facing camera for determining the shape of the room and map out the best possible cleaning strategy that way.

Personal Microclimate At Your Workplace

Evapolar is the world’s first desktop personal air conditioner. It cools, humidifies and cleans the air creating a perfect microclimate on you workplace. Based on the specially developed patented nanotechnology it is both small and efficient. It emulates a soft natural chilling process instead of just producing a cold air thread like the other air conditioners (that often leads to catching a cold).

Welcome – Home Security Camera with Face Recognition by Netatmo

Smart home gadgets are the new way of protecting your indoor life and Welcome by Netatmo is another example of excellence from that sector. It is a revolutionary smart home appliance security camera that has been designed with face recognition technology. The camera will not only provide you remote security monitoring but also alerts you whenever your kids or elderly parents pass in front of the camera. The names are directly sent to your smartphone via the corresponding mobile app.

Angee – The First Truly Autonomous Home Security System

Angee gives you a full 360° view of your home with voice recognition, at-the-door identification, motion-detecting rotation, advanced learning, cordless portability, and a number of additional features, all without any subscription fees. Angee is a welcome addition to any space.

NDBOT – Own Your CP30-Like Robot For Less

Andbot, is a Social Robot and a stunning smart home appliance with human-like attributes. It fits perfectly in any surroundings and plays a critical role in your everyday lives. Imagine how it can become a part of your life! Andbot has a list of features that will wow you. Our engineers have put together a complete package in designing Andbot, with options to expand functions that will tailor to your everyday needs. Not all robots are created equal.

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