Charge Your Smartphone On the Go With These Useful Solar Charger


Charging your smartphones on the go becomes easy and hassle free with solar charger. Here are some examples to go for.

Solocharger! Waterproof USB Solar Charger for Smartphones

Solocharg is a slick, lightweight, waterproof and powerful dual USB solar charger that harvests energy from the sun to keep your smartphone and other electronic gadgets running. This solar-powered USB power bank will never let you down. With Solocharg, you won’t have to stop using your smartphone and other gadgets because of a low or completely discharged battery. It gives you a mobile power source for your smartphone, tablet, mp3, e-reader, and more. Solocharg has a high-efficiency solar panel and a high-capacity rechargeable battery. You can charge up to two devices at the same time. Plus, it has a built-in bright LED flashlight that you can easily turn on and off with the push of a button. It also comes with a micro USB cable allowing you to conveniently recharge the battery whenever you need to. That’s not all! A carabiner is included for conveniently hooking Solocharger to virtually anything you can think of.

Sun Solo Solar Charger

Charge your electric devices by utilizing the power of the sun. The Sun Solo Solar Charger will not just charge your devices but ensures to do this task as fast as possible. It collects sunlight during the day which is stored in the internal 2500 mAh Li-poly battery. By using the innovative cupping system, you’ll be able to attach it to the window so as to help it in gathering maximum solar energy. It includes a USB port for charging your phone, tablet or any other device you use. You may not worry about the effect of solar radiation because this charger has been designed using a Tritan material. Get set to feel the power of the sun!

Solar Charger With Ultra-High Capacity Battery

You may ask why go for a solar charger at all when there are tons of standard chargers available. But when you have one like this Solar charger with ultra-high capacity battery, you’ll be bound to think twice. This charger will stick to the window by using a silicon suction tape and can use maximum light from the sun that way. So what you’ll get to enjoy is quick recharging of your phone or any other mobile device. The charger is compatible with a wide range of devices such as the iPad, Samsung Tab, iPhone, Blackberry and others. It comes with a lithium-ion polymer battery which can work as a handy power bank whenever necessary. The lightweight design makes it highly portable and together with the long-life battery, you’ll only be wanting to use this charger anywhere on the go.

ECEEN – Solar Charger Backpack With 7 Watts Solar Panel

By capturing more sunlight than its contemporaries, the ECEEN solar backpack is capable of generating more electricity per panel. The power drawn goes into the large-capacity 10,000mAh emergency power bank which is waterproof and works as a handy backup battery pack when you’re outdoors for a camping adventure. All the solar energy that gets absorbed by the solar panel is safely stored to be used for emergency battery backup later. Even if your devices run out of power at night, this charger can still power them back. You just have to hang the solar panel charger on the back of the backpack so that it is able to draw energy from the sun during the day. The process of attaching them to the backpack is made easy with the help of the convenient clips. Ultra light and portable solar charger backpack designed for the modern tech-savvy generation.

Ginkgo Solar Tree – Eco-friendly Solar Charger

With an integrated 4000mAh rechargeable lithium ion battery, the Ginkgo Solar Tree is possibly one of the coolest solar charger you can have for your home. The tree shaped design is here to harvest clean energy you can use to charge your devices later. The capacity of the charger is displayed with the help of small LEDs. It has been made out of eco-friendly materials, reSound and bamboo with the USB port allowing you to connect any phone, tablet or USB-enabled device for charging. This tree is surely going to bring a change to how you have been charging your mobile devices till now and that too, in an eco-friendly way.

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