Samsung Galaxy S6 Accessories For the Android Lovers


Like Android phones? Try your hands on these Samsung Galaxy S6 Accessories.

Gooseneck Lazy Mount for Smartphones and Tablets

Go hands free with your devices anywhere with the Gooseneck Lazy Mount for smartphones and tablets. Using a patented vice style grip design, the mount holds and secures your smartphone or tablet to be anywhere you need. Fitting devices from 3.5 inches to 10 inches, this mount can be used with most smartphones or tablets on the market. The universal clip can attach to a variety of surfaces. You can use the Gooseneck Lazy Mount on your headboard for night time TV, on your nightstand for the comfiest reading, your desk for hands-free presentations, or anywhere else where there’s a surface. The Gooseneck Lazy Mount comes in 64 centimeter and 73 centimeter length options. Allowing for a full 360-degree rotation of your smartphone or tablet, the Gooseneck Lazy Mount is the easiest way to enjoy your smartphone or tablet.

NoiseHush Bluetooth Earmuff Headphones

Forget cold, frozen hands while taking calls this winter with NoiseHush Bluetooth Earmuff Headphones. Complete with a 30-foot Bluetooth range, these Samsung Galaxy S6 Accessories can take calls and listen to music all while keeping your hands warm. The soft 100% wool material keep your ears toasty while the genuine suede outer lining offers a chic and comfortable feel. The flexible headband has padding to give you a comfortable fit and the USB-chargeable battery will give you 8 hours of music or 10 hours of talk time. The NoiseHush Earmuff Headphones have a microphone for hands free calls, a multifunction button to control music and calls, volume control, and LED indication of connection and charging status. These wireless headphones are compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices including phones and tablets.

Echo PowerConnect Mini Portable Battery

Give your phone or tablet an extra boost of energy with the Echo PowerConnect Mini portable battery. As a part of the PowerConnect series, the Mini is designed to let your phone last as long as you do. With your choice of either a MFi Apple licensed Lightning or Micro USB connector, you can quickly charge your device on the go. The li-polymer battery will charge itself in just 2.5 hours and give you enough battery for a weekend away. The Mini is small and compact yet powerful so it’s perfect for packing and traveling. It’s also slim enough to remain in your pocket or clutch purse with your phone as it charges. Available in either black or white, the Echo PowerConnect Mini has a soft touch and a durable, sturdy casing and comes with a one-year warranty.

thingCharger – The Multi-Use Outlet

Replace your boring wall outlets with the thingCharger, the multi-use outlet. Going beyond the normal call of duty of an outlet, the thingCharger is one of the coolest Samsung Galaxy S6 Accessories plugs directly into your existing two outlet plate and gives you multiple access points. Still having full use of two outlets, you’ll also get two USB ports located on the bottom and a port on the top for interchangeable Lightning and Micro USB ports. The two tips are secured and stored on the wall side of the thingCharger, staying in place for easy access and no risk of losing them. The tips plug into the top of thingCharger and allow your device to rest vertically letting you view notifications and see the charging status. The glossy white finish of thing Charger is similar to typical outlet plates to it won’t change or clash with your interior.


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