Apple Watches Accessories For the SmartWatch Lovers


Got an Apple Watch? Here are some of the coolest Apple Watches accessories you can use to enhance your Apple Watch experience altogether.

Pocket – The World’s First 6-in-1 Portable Apple Watch Dock

Give yourself the freedom of ultimate portability with Pocket, the world’s first 6-in-1 portable Apple Watch dock. Providing and incredible six features, this is the most vital device you can have as an Apple Watch owner. Pocket is a compact box with a built-in Apple Watch charger and is complete with a protective lid to secure it while charging. This section also doubles as a non-charging dock with adjustable viewing angles. The power bank inside Pocket can give a full charge to your watch up to eight times. The lid of Pocket can also be used as a charging iPhone stand. This clever gadget also charges itself while simultaneously charging your devices when plugged in and hides and contains all of the charging cables. The sleek and modern design is finished with your choice of black or white, both with silver accents.

Apple Watch Official Magnetic Charging Dock

Charge your Apple Watch like the way you want with this Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock. It gives you the opportunity to place the watch in a flat position with its band open, or on its side. If you choose to dock it on its side, the watch will automatically go to the Nightstand mode, thereby serving as a gorgeous alarm clock by your bedside. This Magnetic Charging Dock uses the same inductive charging connector that comes with Apple Watch. You can use it to charge the 38 mm as well as the 42mm models. Additionally, you can also connect it via the Lightning to USB Cable and Apple 5W USB Power Adapter. Together with the minimal design and the space-saving layout, this charging dock will be a perfect addition to your bedside table. Let your Apple Watch get charged in style with these amazing Apple Watches accessories!

WatchStand Powered Charging Station by Griffin

Keep your Apple devices together even while charging with the WatchStand Powered Charging Station by Griffin. This all-in-one charging dock features a spot for your Apple Watch as well as a place for your iPad or iPhone. Equipped with two USB ports, this station uses a single power sources leaving your other outlet open. Built in cable management tidies your space by wrapping excess cable underneath the charging station. Working with Nightstand mode with the Apple Watch, the space for your iPhone was designed to leave it perfectly displayed so you can view and access notifications and updates with it charges. The small footprint of the WatchStand Powered Charging Stations has a felt platform what won’t scratch or damage any surface as well as non-skid padding to keep it all in place.

Handmade Wood Apple Watch and iPhone Docking Station

Reap the benefits of accessible charging, no tangled wires, and beautiful design with the Handmade Wood Docking Station for Apple Watch and iPhone by WhyWood. This single unit comes with a Lightning cable for your iPhone, a charger for your Apple Watch, as well as a power cord. Offering three USB 3.0 slots, you can swap the Apple charges with that of GoPro, your camera, or even Android. With this, you can have simultaneous charging from a single power source. The two mounts for the Apple Watch and iPhone can be easily rotated to give you visibility no matter where you are in the room. Each of these Apple Watches accessories is handmade to order with a beautiful Beech wood and features a non-slip base.


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