Best Accessories for the New Mini MacBook and a Mini Mirror


The new MacBook 12” has a lot of features in stores. Here are some of the best accessories you can use with this Mini MacBook. Oh and there’s a mini mirror too!

MintCases – New 12″ MacBook Case

This case has been designed specifically for the new 12″ MacBook, out of top-grain cowhide leather. You’ll love the natural look of this beautiful leather, making it a welcome addition to an active modern lifestyle. With its handcrafted construction, and durable leather outer shell, this case is made to offer you superior protection for your new 12″ MacBook, while avoiding a bulky profile. The inside is padded with durable, non-abrasive wool felt to help protect from scratching.

SparrowDock for New MacBook

With Sparrow, all you do is slide in your cool, new 12” MacBook into our badass, new dock. From there, it’ll split into 7 different ports. SPARROW will support your external monitor, your external hard drive, your HDMI enabled device, SD cards, or charge any mobile device much faster than standard USB*. The point is, if you want to keep your desk clean/ free of clutter, have a much more efficient workflow, and you want to look awesome doing it, SPARROWS’s your bird.

Cherry for Macbook 12” – Handmade Cherry Wood Cover Made in USA

If you like giving your MacBook a customized appearance, Cherry for Macbook 12” can work as a good option for you. These covers are handmade out of cherry wood and are complete Made in USA products. They will truly make your MacBook stand out from the lot and give it that ultimate unique appearance you desire. The cover wants to ensure you get to preserve the thinness of your MacBook and so they have been designed to be just 0.3mm thick. The wooden customization together with the striking Apple logo that shines automatically because of the wooden presence throughout, gives your MacBook a gorgeous makeover. It will enhance the beauty of your MacBook without tampering with the original design.

Mini Macbook Air Portable Mirror

Mini Macbook Air Style Portable Mirror/ Apple Notebook Creative Make up Mirror by Creative Mirror. It is just a Mirror and have no Laptop Function.. It’s also very Fashion and for its LOOK is the same as Apple MackBook Air, sometimes you can Pretend it as a Mini MackBook Air for friends who don’t know so much for this product..


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