Best Mac Accessories That Would Make Amazing Gift Ideas


Got a MacBook and think it could do with some fresh accessories? Here are some of the best Mac Accessories that can be your next big buy this Christmas.


ViW – The View-Widening Camera Enhancer

Get the whole picture with ViW, the view-widening camera enhancer by Frankly. ViW will give you super powers of enabling 50% wider field of view during your video chats and conference calls. Working with any device, ViW uses millions of tiny suction cups to attach to glass, plastic, or even aluminum to deliver a crisp, clear picture. ViW is great for conference calls to see everyone in attendance or when video chatting to see the whole family. The optics for ViW were designed based on user feedback from studies of actual communication. The dual lens is made of premium glass sheets which have been coated for clarity and no distortion. An illumination processor uses an ambient light sensor to determine and adjust the brightness based on your lighting conditions. With no app or cords and a built-in USB charger, ViW is completely self-contained.


Apex Laptop and Smartphone Stand by Sano Design Labs

Keep your workspace in order with the Apex Laptop and Smartphone Stand by Sano Design Labs. Weighing less than a pound, this is one of the best Mac accessories that is perfect for students or anyone looking to neatly tidy up their space. This stand works great with any MacBook or similarly sized laptop. It also keeps your smartphone snapped into an upright position so you can view two screens with ease. Made of lightweight aluminum alloy and non-slip silicone rubber borders, the Apex Stand is durable enough for daily use. It comes in silver, gold, and the legendary space grey to match any aesthetic. Folding into itself to be the size of an iPad mini, the Apex Laptop and Smartphone Stand is perfect for anyone on the go.


Cork Keyboard For MacBook

Cork keys for the Macbook Air, Pro, and Retina of all sizes. This product is precision cut and finished by hand in our Brooklyn workshop. The 3M adhesive used to attach the keys is easily removable and leaves no residue behind. Backlight feature is integrated as well as support for all international languages. Special thanks goes out to the 310 pledges that made this product a reality on Kickstarter! We support all the old models of the Macbook as well, additional keys are included in the set. Limited release product subject to the production of only 100 units that are to be sold and not reproduced again this season. Cork is a highly sustainable material that is gathered from the tree bark so no trees are cut down in the process. In fact 25% of the proceedings will go into planting more trees as we use this alternative to prevent the cutting of trees.


iGlaze Cover for MacBook Pro 15

If you want minimal but sturdy exterior protection systems for your MacBook, the iGlaze Cover for MacBook Pro 15 is definitely one of the best Mac Accessories worth a try. This is because this cover has a polycarbonate hard shell design which is thin, lightweight and durable at the same time. The micro-clip design also ensures easy installation and removal. There is a surface treatment with a special coating which makes sure the cover is well protected to offer excellent scratch resistance. You can install or remove the two piece design within minutes. It is 100% compatible with Moshi’s full line of protection for the MacBook Pro and Retina display. Take it to be a durable cover for your MacBook which will not let your precious Apple device stay unharmed as far as possible.


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