Cool Accessories That Will Go With the New Apple Mouse


If you’ve got the new Apple Mouse, chances are that you still haven’t found the perfect accessory to go with it. Try these accessories for once!

Bluetooth Numeric Keypad by Satechi

Make your personal workspace look complete with the Satechi Bluetooth Numeric Keypad. It features a full keypad with a number lock that can work as a great extension to your existing keyboard. The sleek design and glossy black finish gives this keypad that classic workspace look. It’s what you can call a stylish as well as a functional accessory for your workspace. The keypad is compatible with any Bluetooth enabled computer and is a clutter free design with no wires or plugs. The design being slim can easily fit into your backpack, bag or purse. If you are always in need of the numeric keypad at work, this is undoubtedly the perfect solution for you. Always remember to keep your workspace free from clutter.

Aluminum Mouse Pad by Satechi

By getting yourself one of these Aluminum Mouse Pads by Satechi, you’ll be welcoming a sleek and modern design to your workspace. It is a mouse pad designed to accompany your new Apple mouse for working, gaming, studying, browsing and more. The idea is to keep your desktop protected from scratches whenever you’re rigorously using your mouse. This mouse pad has been made out of aluminium and comes with an ultra smooth surface that will help you achieve a precise mouse control. The pad is 81.5 square inches and will always protect your mouse pad from scratches as well as daily wear and tear. It won’t absorb liquid so you need not worry even if you spill something on it. The rubber padding on the bottom will absorb vibration with the overall design being compact as well as lightweight. Just the mouse pad you need for your workspace.

Walnut Trackpad Tray By Grovemade

Carved from solid walnut, the trackpad tray provides a snug seat for Apple’s Magic Trackpad to rest in and works in unison with our keyboard tray. Each trackpad tray is reinforced with sturdy aluminum, then finished with several rounds of hand sanding and an application of vegetable-based oils. The trackpad tray’s design employs the trackpad as a lid, concealing room to store extra batteries, paper clips, and other diminutive items.

Desktop Chair by Moku Woodware

The fine texture of basswood can now rule your tabletops as you replace your current iPad stand with the Desktop Chair by Moku Woodware. From holding your iPad to Macbook Air or Pro, this stand definitely stands out as a versatile option for keeping your tablets or Apple laptops in place. The wavy structure adds a dramatic touch to the entire construction which is both eye-pleasing and strong enough to hold the tablets and laptops. What makes it appealing is the minimal layout which won’t clutter your desktop but will not compromise in holding your iPad or Macbook without fail. Amazing treat for those who love to culture the ruggedness of wooden goods in their life. Desktop Chair fits virtually all Apple laptops with a height of 1.2″ (30mm) or less, regardless of the shape-with or without a cover. New Apple Mouse will make you feel more comfortable in accssing your system.

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