Awesome Wearable Gadgets For You To Taste Technology in a Whole New Way


Wearable tech is the new cool in the world of technology. These awesome wearable gadgets are a cool example to prove why.

 VR Smartphone Goggles by Merge

Experience quality virtual reality using just your smartphone with the VR Smartphone Goggles by Merge. Coming in a futuristic purple, you can go on adventures, play games, and even see a concert anywhere you are. Made of soft and lightweight foam, the VR Smartphone Goggles sit comfortable on your face and contour to any shape and they’re durable enough to be thrown into your bag with all of your necessities. Dual button input lets you interact with content in the virtual environment for an activity like no other. Anti-fog vents, adjustable lenses, audio ports, camera access, and a comfortable adjustable head strap give you an enjoyable experience. Available for both iOS and Android devices of the last two years, you can access content from apps from both the App Store and Google Play. Turn your smartphone into an incredible virtual reality environment with the VR Smartphone Goggles by Merge.

Lokett – Customizable Smartphone Memory Necklace

A modern day locket that uses NFC technology to link your precious photos, videos, apps, and more. Choose our design or submit yours. Lokett is a customizable smartphone memory necklace that modernizes the traditional locket necklace by linking pictures, videos, and more to the wearer’s smartphone. The necklace is offered in five inspirational designs or can be personalized with a name, word, date, or logo. It is available in sterling silver, 14k yellow, and 14kt rose gold. Lokett can be encoded using NFC technology to allow the necklace to trigger actions whenever an NFC-enabled phone is placed on the luminescent resin back of the necklace. These actions can include displaying a sentimental photo, video, or message. The luminescent back illuminates brilliantly in the dark when placed near a light source in the day time. Lokett is one of those awesome wearable gadgets that requires no batteries, no charging, and is water resistant. The durable design allows it to be worn in the shower or during outdoor activities. All the links on the necklace chain are soldered closed to provide security and strength.

ROAR Athena – Smart Safety Jewelry

Get peace of mind no matter where you are with the ROAR Athena, the smart safety jewelry. Designed to protect women from physical assaults, this small device offers you safety with a push of a button. About the size of a quarter and coming in sleek black, silver, and rose gold, the Athena is modern, elegant, and inconspicuous. That is, until it’s pressed. When activated, Athena instantly emits a loud, deterring alarm and messages your loved ones with your location. Without a weapon or physical force, you have the opportunity to leave a potential dangerous situation and be found as soon as possible. Athena can be worn as a necklace, clipped to your pocket or belt, or discreetly stored in your bag, all for easy access. ROAR will donate a portion of each sale goes towards the education on how to decrease violence.

Digitsole – Heated Smart Insoles

Never get cold feet again with Digitsole, the heated smart insoles. Whether you live in a cold climate or work in chilly conditions, this connected heated insole is perfect for everyday use. A part of the Warm Series, Digitsole is activated with an app on your smartphones. You can control the temperature for each sole individually and, using the built-in thermostat, vary temperature by as little as one degree. Available in six sizes for both men and women, the Digitsole smart insoles are awesome wearable gadgets great for outdoor activities in the winter such as hiking, skiing, and shovelling, and perfect for those with a freezing commute. You can use the app to set and meet goals with the built-in activity tracker. View your distance walked, steps, and even calories burned. The Digitsole smart insoles are ergonomically designed with shock absorbing padded heels and arch support.


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