Best Gadgets For Parents Of the Modern Century


Modern parents go through a lot of hassle in their daily life. With these gadgets for parents, things are only going to be better.

Quinny Longboardstroller

As the name may suggest, the Quinny Longboardstroller is a mash up between a stroller and the best way to ride around town, a longboard. This eco-friendly and clever product fits kids from one-year-old and up to 15 kilograms. The smooth and enjoyable ride is the most exciting way for you and your child to get some fresh air and run some errands. The stroller itself was built for maximum comfort while the longboard feature uses the best materials and design. Folding into a compact unit at just 36.5 centimeters tall, the Longboardstroller is easy to carry or store in your home or car. Steering it is just like a longboard; simply shift your weight to gradually make a turn. The Longboardstroller features a handbrake for stopping as well as a front bumper to protect your child.

iBaby M6 – Wi-Fi Enabled Baby Monitor

Be there for every beautiful moment with the iBaby M6, the Wi-Fi enabled baby monitor. Offering 360-degree rotation and 110-degree tilt, the crystal clear image from the HD camera will make you feel like you’re right there. Accessing the iBaby Care app from anywhere, you can monitor your baby, see special moments, and even capture photos and videos to share with loved ones so no one misses a thing. With these gadgets for parents, you also have access to the iBaby music player so you can choose either a soft, soothing rhythm, such as “Hush Little Baby,” or record your baby’s favorite story in your own voice, to play for your baby to drift into a peaceful sleep. Set up for iBaby M6 takes less than a minute and includes a wall mount for easy installation. Coming in a soft and sleek white, this baby monitor will match any nursery.

Modoo – The World’s Smallest Fetus Monitoring Patch

Track every important moment of your pregnancy with Modoo, the world’s smallest fetus monitoring patch. Made with stainless steel, a soft silicone casing, and medical grade silicone paste, Modoo is meant to be worn directly on the mother’s stomach to catch every movement. You’re able to record your baby’s heart rate, heartbeat, and be made aware of any movement. Using a set of intelligent sensors and passive, safe monitoring, you can have peace of mind during one of the happiest times in your life. In addition, Modoo also monitors the mother-to-be, ensuring everyone is healthy during the pregnancy. You can set tasks for exercise and also contact medical professionals with online consulting through the Modoo services. Enjoy your moments with your baby with Modoo, the world’s smallest fetus monitoring patch.

Wireless Body Analysis Scale by iHealth Labs

Get to know yourself better than ever before with the Wireless Body Analysis Scale by iHealth Labs. This smart scale is one of those gadgets for parents which measures nine characteristics of body composition in just seconds. It measures things like bone mass, body mass, muscle mass, and daily caloric intake and, using Wi-Fi, instantly uploads the data to the MyVitals app. You can then save and track these body composition insights and also send them to your health coach or personal trainer. The ergonomically designed scale gathers data from the four metal sensors along with proprietary algorithms. Using the app, you can also set your own goals, view a timeline, and see your data and progress. The Wireless Body Analysis Scale is smart enough to handle up to twenty users, great for the entire family.


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