Best Smart Home Appliance For Your Apartment


Get something awesome for your home now. Why not try your hands on these smart home appliance.

 Matrix – The World’s First App Store for the Connected Home

MATRIX is a beautifully designed device that allows you to create and download home and business apps — giving you a gadget that can be used in many different ways at once. You control the MATRIX by speech, gesture, or its mobile app, and the MATRIX controls all your smart home and other IoT devices, like a hub. Possible uses for the MATRIX are only limited by the curiosity of global developers who use our sensors and libraries to reimagine how we interact with the physical world.

Qube – World’s Most Affordable Wi-Fi Enabled, Multi-Color LED Smart Bulb For Your Home

Wouldn’t it be great to wake up to a cool blue light during a sunny morning and come home to a warm sunset lighting mood in the evening? With Qube™ smart home appliance, you can do just that. The new Qube, a 24/7 connected Smart Bulb with built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), ensures maximum ease, affordability and functionality – right in your home. Qube is helping make the transition to smart home lighting affordable for everyone. Say goodbye to the cost prohibitive nature of a typical smart bulb, which can cost upwards of $50 – and welcome Qube – a stronger, more comprehensive and affordable lighting solution priced at just $19. The bulbs connect your smart home to your mobile devices and Bluetooth-emitting wearables – all without a hub – to create countless lighting automations that can be controlled with the tap of a finger. Available for pre-order on Indiegogo – Qube comes complete with 16 million colors.

Next-Gen Open Source CNC Kits

Enter Routakit, a new line of next-gen CNC machines that blur the line between hobby desktop machines and commercial machines, offering best in class performance and affordability. Etch, carve, and cut a wide variety of materials such as glass, plastic, wood, stone, and metal. With the open-source files at your disposal, transform your Routakit into a plasma cutter, laser cutter, or even a 3D printer. Choose between either the SD or the HD model to suit your needs and budget.

Souschef – World’s First Recipe Based Ingredient Dispenser

Souschef is a multipurpose kitchen counter top device that assists you in cooking. This smart home appliance can store upto 12 ingredients (fine to coarse) and dispense them automatically with high precision based on the recipes configured by the user. This saves the issue of clutter and mess on a kitchen platform with measuring spoons, weighing scales and occasional spills. The novel design includes a high quality wooden board which can be used for chopping as well as weighing ingredients such as meat. The simple user interface is designed to accommodate all the common recipes and user configured ones. Simply select the recipe you wish to make, Souschef will walk you through with the steps and automatically dispense the necessary ingredients in the correct order and quantity. With precision to the last gram, you can now achieve high consistency in your cooking. Souschef is currently live on Indiegogo at an early bird price of $199 with limited stocks.


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