Cool Bike Accessories for the Adventurers



Heading for a bike trip sometime soon? These latest bike accessories can make the journey more awesome.

BitLock – The Keyless Bike Lock

Ride your bike with peace of mind with BitLock, the keyless bike lock. Using a proximity sensor via Bluetooth Low Energy, you can unlock and lock your bike with a press of a button, without even touching your phone. Working with an intelligent app, BitLock doesn’t just lock and unlock your bike, it can also find where you last put it with built-in GPS. In case you don’t have your phone or it has run out of battery, BitLock works like a traditional bike lock and can be unlocked with a four-digit code. Made of reinforced and heat treated steel, inside of BitLock is a sealed and weatherproof plastic casing for the disc locking mechanism so it can handle any and all weather and temperatures. Available in six colors, the ultra portable BitLock weighs under 2.5 pounds.

TurnCycle – The Safest Bike Signalling Light

Stay safe will you ride with TurnCycle, the safest bike signalling light. Using standard and traditional hand gestures while you cycle, TurnCycle’s system work as an amazing set of bike accessories which will automatically and wirelessly initiates bright lights on your bike to alert drivers, other cyclists, and pedestrians of your actions no matter how dark it is. The large and bright LED lights have a sweeping motion to get attention from anyone else on the road. With a light on both the front and back of your bike, you can indicate a turn left, a turn right, and stopping. Wearing a water resistant Bluetooth wristband which communicates with the signalling component, you’ll hear a confirmation audio sound, giving you 25 seconds of indicating lights. Chargeable by micro USB, you’ll be the safest cyclist on the road with TurnCycle.

Foldylock – The Folding Bike Lock

Keep your bike secure no matter where you leave it with Foldylock, the folding bike lock. This high security bike lock unfolds in just seconds into a 90cm study lock. Made with high quality plastic to ensure your bike remains scratch free as well as hardened steel links with anti drilling rivets, Foldylock will make sure your bike stays where you left it. The intricate design is ultra durable and 100% rust free. Coming in at just 3.3 pounds, Foldylock completely and compactly folds up, sliding into a carrying case to minimize its footprint. The case attaches to your bike so Foldylock is always with you and it can be unfolded and locked on your bike in under 30 seconds. Available in red, green, and white, the Foldylock has a fresh design on top of maximum security.

Noke U-Lock – The Smartphone Enabled Bike Lock

No more remembering combinations, codes, or keys, Noke U-Lock allows you to lock and unlock your bike with your smartphone. With the app, available for Bluetooth iOS, Android, and Windows devices, Noke U-Lock is one of those bike accessories which only unlocks when your unique code has been entered and you’re close to your bike. Also with the app you can share access and limit your friends’ usage with a predetermined schedule. Noke U-Lock effortlessly snaps into place and can be left on your bike during your ride with the conveniently included bike mount. Noke U-Lock is equipped with a battery that can go years between charges, an anti-tampering alarm, and is made of virtually indestructible steel. Available in brown or black with your choice of black or silver accents, Noke U-Lock can also be unlocked with a back up quick click code in the event your phone dies.


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