Cool Tech Gadgets You Can Use to Enjoy a Smarter Lifestyle


Cool Tech Gadgets You Can Use to Enjoy a Smarter Lifestyle.Your everyday life can now be hassle-free if you try using some of these cool tech gadgets. Because as they always say, technology rocks!

Square Contactless and Chip Reader for Apple Pay

One reader, two ways to get paid: accept Apple Pay (and other contactless payments) and EMV chip cards, too. Packed with a powerful battery, the reader connects wirelessly to iOS or Android devices. Their free point-of-sale app takes care of payments, tipping, inventory, reports, and more. They will even send you a free Square magstripe reader—so you can swipe cards the old-fashioned way, too. Both readers can be connected to your device simultaneously, so you can keep swiping cards as long as your customers are carrying them. Accept every way your customer wants to pay. From fruit stands to bike stores, every business can accept NFC and EMV payments with the Square contactless and chip reader. Move your line faster by accepting Apple Pay and other NFC payments. Customers simply hold their device near the reader to trigger payment. The Square contactless and chip reader connects to your device wirelessly—all you need is a compatible iOS or Android device. It also works with Square Stand; plug it into the hardware hub for instant setup.

Matrix – The World’s First App Store for the Connected Home

MATRIX is a beautifully designed cool tech gadgets that allows you to create and download home and business apps — giving you a gadget that can be used in many different ways at once. You control the MATRIX by speech, gesture, or its mobile app, and the MATRIX controls all your smart home and other IoT devices, like a hub. Possible uses for the MATRIX are only limited by the curiosity of global developers who use our sensors and libraries to reimagine how we interact with the physical world.

Auroma One – Brew World-Class Coffee at a Push of a Button

Brewing coffee with the precision of manual tools and the convenience of pod machines is now possible with the Auroma One. It is a coffee maker with an elegant design that brews your favorite coffee like a pro barista. What makes it one of its kind is the fact that this coffee maker can brew three different types of coffee beans at once. So, you get to enjoy your local roasters but with much less time and effort than before. In fact, the procedure is so easy that you’ll be able to brew your coffee in it even when you’re half asleep. In order to make the machine more powerful, simply pair it up with the corresponding mobile app and you’ll be good to go. Exploring the world of craft coffee was never this easy. With Auroma One at home, you’ll now be able to spend more time enjoying your coffee than making it!

 Solu – The Advanced Cloud-Link Computer

Introducing Solu, the world’s first cloud-linked operating system and keyboard. More than just a simple device, Solu is one of those coolest  tech gadgets which can work both as a stand alone computer or integrate seamlessly with a screen and keyboard for a more traditional computing experience. This pocket sized device has an edge to edge touchscreen which is fully zoomable for accessibility. When used with a screen, the device acts like an intuitive mouse. The base has been carved from real wood so it’s warm to the touch and Solu features an ultra secure encryption. All of your data is stored in the SoluCloud so, if lost or broken, you’ll always have access, unlike a traditional computer. The SoluCloud and operating system also encourages collaboration and allows you to work offline and sync later. Solu offer a yearly or monthly subscription system for storage.




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