Coolest Home Accessories For Your Modern Abode


Your home is the best place of your life. Why not make it look a bit more beautiful with these coolest home accessories!

Brew-In-A-Mug Tea Infuser and Mug

Enjoy every last drop with the Brew-In-A-Mug Tea Infuser and Mug. This complete kit comes with everything you need for a perfect cuppa tea – just add the leaves. The stainless steel infuser is designed for loose leaf tea. It fits perfectly into the included 12-ounce glass mug, which is microwave and dishwasher safe. To use, simply add your favorite blend of leaves, fill the mug with hot water, cover the infuser with the plastic lid, and enjoy the freshest tea right in your own home. The Brew-In-A-Mug Tea Infuser and Mug is the perfect gift for any tea lover or a great way to treat yourself to extra special mornings. There’s nothing quite like the perfect cup of tea whenever you want it. Indulge daily with the Brew-In-A-Mug Tea Infuser and Mug set.

Animal Wooden Plate by PICSES

Enjoy your meal with the entire animal kingdom with the Animal Wooden Plates by PICSES. Made of 100% strong and durable maple wood, the fresh and beautiful design of these plates invite any food. Because they’re made of natural material, these coolest home accessories has been graced with its own individual wood grain, just like the individual look of each animal. The plates come in eight designs including a monkey, pig bunny, bear, and more. For each animal the plate comes in a different shape. The small cut outs for the ears are perfect spots for sauces or finger food. Great for kids and adults alike, these plates are as cute as can be. Share your dinner with your favorite animal with the Animal Wooden Plates by PICSES.

Vintage Inspired Sideboard by Sol

Be organized like never before with the vintage inspired Sideboard by Sol. Featuring three large double drawers, three small single drawers, and three open space drawers with pull-out bases, you’ll never run out of space for anything. Made of a rustic combination of smooth wood and iron, the Sideboard by Sol has sturdy stove iron legs and is finished off with beautifully vintage metal handles and label holders. You can adorn the top with your favorite décor, dressing it up with classy lighting and flowers or downplaying its elegance with vintage antiques. This chic piece of furniture is perfect for organizing your home or office with a sophisticated flair. Find a place for everything with the rustic inspired Sideboard by Sol.

Supershelf – Your Superhero Floating Shelf

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‘Supershelf’, one of the products in the “Falling books” series, is a cool floating shelf which gives the impression of a superhero holding the books afloat, preventing them from falling to the ground. The base is concealed by the books and the superhero is affixed via a magnet to the base to give the item its dynamic appearance. This clever bookshelf is a great conversation starter and will bring a smile to even the most casual of observers faces.

Paint Tube Doorstop by Bluw

Add some fun to the last place you’d expect with the Paint Tube Doorstop by Bluw. At first (and second) glance, this doorstop is one of the coolest home accessories which looks just like the real thing. As it’s made of strong and durable plastic, the Paint Tube Doorstop is as functional as it is funny and will hold open any door. A great gift for the artist in your life, the family jokester, or to use on your own friends and family who will be completely fooled. The Paint Tube Doorstop weighs just 3.2 ounces, is 7 inches long, and has fake paint oozing from the opening which furthers the resemblance to a real paint tube. Liven up the party or give yourself loads of laughs with the Paint Tube Doorstop by Bluw.


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