Latest Bluetooth Home Gadgets For Your Daily Life


Want to make your everyday life more entertaining? These Bluetooth Home Gadgets can surely be of help.

Satechi Bluetooth Home Button

Never let your phone be out of reach by bringing the Satechi Bluetooth Home Button to your life. You can attach to your keychain, steering wheel or dashboard and always have access to your phone when its out of reach in a safe and convenient way. So if you need Siri while you’re driving, the button gives you access with a simple press. Same goes for accessing services like Google Voice Search. Ask for messages, directions, make calls and a lot more without even touching your phone for once. Use Bluetooth to pair the button with your smartphone and let it take the access from there on. A must have car accessory to help you drive safe without getting distracted easily.

 Bluetooth 3D Smart Home Theater Projector

Wouldn’t it be nice to spend your weekends watching your favorite movie with family? You don’t require a television for it if you have this Bluetooth 3D Smart Home Theater Projector. The projector is one of the coolest Bluetooth home gadgets that comes with a resolution of 1280 x 800 dpi and is highly portable. It has a brightness of around 5000 lumens and has the OSRAM high brightness LED bulbs. The projector is also coated with a high transmittance lens coating and is a design you’ll love flaunting at the same time. Simply connect it to your mobile devices via Bluetooth and start playing your favorite movies and shows. Watching your media on the big screen becomes super enjoyable now. Even if you’re not at home, carry this around and enjoy your movies anywhere you go.

Home Stereo Bluetooth Converter

Do not let your stereo speakers stay dumb while you enjoy music on your smartphone by empowering them with the Home Stereo Bluetooth Converter. This is a smart unit using which you can now connect your stereo speakers wirelessly to your smartphone, tablet or computer and let it play your music collection with high-quality sound effects. The converter can connect from a distance of 33′ away which is what gives you the opportunity of changing tracks or pausing music from another room. The battery life of the converter is also strong enough, providing upto 10 hours of power at a time. Be it your indoor parties or just a lonely evening with music, you’ll have your stereo speakers entertaining you with good sound reverberating around the house always.

Pillar Bluetooth Speaker by Stellé Audio

360-degree Sound and 15-Hour Battery Life

There are few things that we lust after when looking at speakers and the Pillar Bluetooth Speaker by Stellé Audio has them all. With 360-degree sound to fill any home or office, the Pillar delivers impeccable audio. The chic design of the Pillar is enhanced with brushed aluminium and can modernize any space. At only a foot tall and topped with minimalistic button controls, it achieves big sound without an overpowering appearance. This Bluetooth speaker is one of those Bluetooth home gadgets which can connect to any enabled devices such as phones, computers, or tablets, with a range of up to fifty feet. An integrated speakerphone allows you to take calls between songs with an astonishing 15-hour battery life. With a built-in USB port, the Pillar will also charge your devices.


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