Smart Headphones For the Audiophiles


Music lover’s paradise begins and ends with a cool music device. These smart headphones are definitely worthy of being considered as one of their kind.

Elbee – Smart Wireless In-Ear Headphones

$149 USD

Access and control your music without your hands with Elbee, the smart wireless in-ear headphones. Elbee not only gives you full control, it revolutionizes the way you listen to music. Using a variety of built-in sensors, you can use voice and head movements to change songs, ignore calls, and even have full noise cancellation. For instance, you can shake your head “no” to avoid the call from your mom or tilt your head to crank up the volume. The creators have included a development kit so you can even use Elbee to control other smart devices, such as home automation. The seamless app allows you to adjust the sound to get the best quality for every type of music and even locate Elbee if you misplace one or both of them. Elbee is the most intuitive way to listen to music, manage your calls, and control the devices around you.

Glow – The First Smart Headphones with Laser Light

Glow merges state-of-the art sound technology, laser light and a heart rate sensor for an experience like no other. The first smart headphones that glow with laser light, Glow pulses brilliantly to the beat of your favorite music or to the rhythm of your heart. An intuitive 5-way controller allows you to not just control your music, but also make calls, text, and use apps with ease. Music has always been a powerful form of expression, and Glow puts you center stage. These earbuds pack specially-designed wires that diffuse light from a laser. The light pulses to the sound of your favorite tunes, so get out there and rock out in your favorite color.


By cutting the cords completely, KANOA has been able to bring forth a new range of earphones which provide a seamless audio experience anywhere on the go. These earphones are completely wireless and can be controlled from any Bluetooth 3.0-4.0 device from a distance up to 33 ft. The variety of silicon jackets and ear tips will ensure you get the perfect fit and thereby experience unmatched ergonomics from a unique pair of earphones. You can even custom-tune the high-quality audio with the help of the corresponding mobile app or equalizer. The earphones will undergo easy wireless charging with the playtime being around 4-6 hours. What really sets it apart is the audio transparency using which you can easily remain connected to your surroundings by letting sound in or keeping it out. Setting a new standard in music and performance, you can now pre-order your KANOA earphones at a discounted price by using the coupon code: KANOAFAN for a limited time. Pair it up with your iPhone or Apple Watch and set forth on an all-new musical journey thereafter.

LIFE Headphones

LIFE smart headphones were designed by audiologists for people who have active lifestyles and care about how their music sounds. They combine an innovative, patented shape and top of the line audio components to give you the ultimate listening experience whether you are on a run, an airplane, or laying in bed. Better yet, LIFE headphones are sold by LIFE Acoustics, a social business startup that uses its proceeds to donate hearing aids to deaf children living in poverty.




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