Some of the Coolest Gadget Gifts You Can Present This Christmas


Since it’s nearly Christmas, you are now hunting for some of the best gadget gifts for your near and dear ones. Here are some of the best gift ideas!

Foxwill Volcano USB Mini Humidifier

Breath easier indoors with the Foxwill Volcano USB Mini Humidifier. Shaped like a volcano, and emulating an erupting one as it fills the air, this humidifier is an elegant way to improve the quality of air in your home or office. Available in black, white, and pink, the matte design of the Volcano USB Mini Humidifier also features a touch sensitive switch as well as a nightlight function for use in the dark. Fill the 160 mL vessel and add essential oils or use simply with water for up to three to four hours. Made with sturdy and durable plastic, the Volcano USB Mini Humidifier produces no condensation. Ideal for soothing a dry throat this winter or just to enhance the air you breathe, use the Volcano USB Mini Humidifier straight from your computer.

Raise3D N-Series – 3D Printers with the Highest Standards

Get the most of the 3D printing experience with the Raise3D N-Series, the gadget gifts with the highest standards. The new N-Series was designed to give the consumer more control and ability with their 3D printer. Offering high resolution prints with just .01mm thickness, the N-Series printers get even the smallest details. Complete with a large build area and three models to choose from, the N-Series have a 7-inch intuitive touchscreen that lets you see a preview before you print. The entire design of the N-Series is about ease of use; the filaments can be easily swapped out while the app gives you remote monitoring and job management with the on-board camera. Working with over ten types of filament, the Raise3D N-Series can be updated with hardware and software to be expanded and modernized.

eora 3D – High Precision 3D Scanning on Your Smartphone

Get scanning no matter where you are with eora 3D, the high precision 3D scanner for your smartphone. Affordable yet highly accurate, this scanner is powered entirely by your smartphone. Featuring an adjustable vice to fit and secure just about any phone, eora 3D allows you to capture anything and everything around you and turn it all into 3D models. Precise to sub-100 microns, this scanner uses the advanced optics of your smartphone to scan up to 1 square meter. The unique green laser is more easily picked up by the camera than the traditional red laser, meaning you can use eora 3D in a variety of lighting conditions and even outdoors. Made of a single piece of sturdy aluminum, the chassis makes sure there are no vibrations while scanning. Using the accompanying app, you can view, edit, and share you scans as soon as they’re done.

Solu – The Advanced Cloud-Link Computer

Introducing Solu, the world’s first cloud-linked operating system and keyboard. More than just a simple device, Solu is one of the best gadget gifts that can work both as a stand alone computer or integrate seamlessly with a screen and keyboard for a more traditional computing experience. This pocket sized device has an edge to edge touchscreen which is fully zoomable for accessibility. When used with a screen, the device acts like an intuitive mouse. The base has been carved from real wood so it’s warm to the touch and Solu features an ultra secure encryption. All of your data is stored in the SoluCloud so, if lost or broken, you’ll always have access, unlike a traditional computer. The SoluCloud and operating system also encourages collaboration and allows you to work offline and sync later. Solu offer a yearly or monthly subscription system for storage.

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