Spend Your Relaxation Hours Comfortably on These Futon Chair


There’s something in a futon chair which inevitably makes it the best. Call it the use of the comfy material or the sophisticated designs, these chairs are indeed one of the coolest additions one can have as their home furniture. Here are three amazing designs which can be the next best addition to your bedroom or living room. Time to rest in style! And if you really like spending your holidays comfortably, there’s no better way to do so than these futon chairs.

Fresh Futon Nido Convertible Futon Chair/Bed

After a hard day’s work, you’re entitled to lounge around in your own futon. Heck, you’re entitled to lounge around in a futon chair even if you haven’t done a thing the whole day. But wait – you’re done lounging, and now you want to snooze, and you have to go find a bed to sleep in? No way! Get the Fresh Futon Nido to ensure you never have to move an inch just when you’re starting to get all comfy. This is a multi-functional and convertible futon chair that spreads out into a semi-circular bed when you feel like taking a nap. It’s best to get more than one, because you can combine two of them and have a full circular bed to sleep on.

Figo Futon

A lounge chair made for your impromptu guests, the Figo Futon is an ultimate setup of relaxation you must have indoors. Coming in four vibrant colors, it has a Nordic Pine frame base complemented with the fully-tufted, durable twill mattress cover. You can use it either as a chair or a mattress thus bringing in the possibility of housing a guest whenever required. The mattress is button tufted with the poly cotton twill cover being of high quality. The 1.2 lbs per cubic feet foam layer is provided for additional support with the neck cushion coming as a bliss for those who want some extra rest during the relaxation hours. An ideal futon for those drowsy days where rest is all you want!

Jaxx Cabbagetown Chair

By incorporating the Jaxx Cabbagetown Convertible futon chair and mattress in the living room, you will actually make your entertainment hours a comfy journey hereafter. Having been constructed out of soft cotton-blend twill and foam batting, this chair encircles you in a cone of comfort as you take some time out for relaxation. The Velcro straps ensure that you are able to convert your cone chair into a mattress incase you feel too drowsy and start craving for a short nap. It’s available in a variety of colors you could choose from depending on your choice. Time to make the comfort zone even more gorgeous and relaxing at the same time with this striking relaxation chair coming in a tufted finish.


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