Enjoy Vacation Like a Pro With These Travel Gadgets

ChargeTech Universal Portable Power Bank
What’s a life without travel! And when it comes to traveling, you can’t ignore your travel necessities. How about adding some of these latest travel gadgets to the list for an even better experience!

ChargeTech Universal Portable Power Bank
Charge any and all of your devices on the go with ChargeTech, the universal portable power bank. Loaded with a charging port for any occasion, this power bank is dubbed the world’s smallest AC outlet. Wit it, you can charge your laptop or other wall plug devices on the go. Also on the ChargeTech are two convenient USB ports equipped with FastCharge technology for topping up your handheld devices in record time. Available in four power options ranging from 12,000 mAh to 27,000 mAh, the ChargeTech portable power bank is powered by premium high capacity Sanyo battery cells.

FlyKly Smart Wheel for Bicycles
Fly through your commute in record time with the FlyKly Smart Wheel for bicycles. Topping out at speeds of 16 miles per hour, this wheel gives you an extra boost as you pedal. Available in 20-, 26- and 28-inch options, the FlyKly Smart Wheel fits to virtually any bike to turn it into an electric bicycle. On a single charge you can travel up to 60 miles. Because the FlyKly Smart Wheel only assist your pedalling, you can still enjoy the fun of your bike just with a little more juice. Inside the mechanism is a torque sensor, motion sensor, and a system monitoring sensor to learn your pedalling and braking habits in order to conserve energy.

Jaq Fuel Cell Charger – Future of Portable Charging
It’s time to say goodbye to power jacks and switch to a more sophisticated form of portable charging with Jaq Pocket-Sized Fuel Cell Charger. This charger is one of those travel gadgets which is ideally designed for those who are always on the go and are running out of proper solutions to keep their power hungry devices well charged up around the clock. The device comes with ready power (capacity of 1800 mAh) which is generated from water and salt contained in a slim power card. When the card is inserted into the charger, hydrogen is produced to fuel up the cell and power you on. That’s what you call instant, smart and definitely clean portable charging.

Travel Power Bank by Griffin – Keychain Sized External Battery For Apple Watch
Your Apple Watch can now get pumped on the go from the Travel Power Bank by Griffin. This is a keychain sized external battery designed especially for the Apple Watch. It comes with an inductive charging pad with a simple, square design you can easily carry in your pocket. The 800 mAh battery can provide up to four charges of the Apple Watch and what makes it one of its kind is the portable design. Tie it up with your keychain and carry it wherever you go. Keeping your Apple Watch pumped up was never this easy. A new entry in the world of power banks which just made your Apple Watch more powerful for outdoor use.

GoPlug Powered Bag with Built-In Ports
Travel with power with the GoPlug Powered Bag with built-in ports. To use, simply attach the included solar panel to the bag with the integrated carabiners and plug it into the power bank. As it collects energy, this is one of those travel gadgets which recharges the power bank providing a never-ending supply of power no matter where you go. The mighty lithium polymer battery can store enough energy to fully charge a smartphone 18 times over. The GoPlug Powered Bag features a rotating power station on one side and the bag is equipped with three USB ports, one USB-C port, one 12v DC port, and one 120v AC port for anything you may need to charge or plug in.


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