5 Awesome T-Shirts For The Casual Style Lovers

Genius Tee

Moving around in tees is the best thing during summers. Now that summer is heading its way, let’s have a look at some of the awesome t-shirts you could flaunt in the sun this year.

Genius Tee

Microfiber built in to a T-shirt for cleaning glasses and phone screens anywhere you go! The number of electronic devices on our every day lives is increasing and our fingers leave greases smudges every place they touch. Genius Tee offers the solution with it’s three T-shirt designs for providing convenient access to a microfiber cleaning cloth. The T-shirts are premium quality, available in both men’s and women’s styles, and can be ordered in a variety of colors.

Wiretshirt Collection

Walking with your earphones plugged in is a pretty common sight these days. Wiretshirt tries to add some fun to that particular look with a new range of T-shirts that includes characters climbing up your earphones. Reality check – the characters do not climb them for real but the design is such that it creates such an illusion. There are loads of characters you can choose from such as an alien, bat or grandpa depending on your personal preference and add some coolness to your overall style statement every day. The T-shirts are soft and comfortable as well as durable and thick which makes them a perfect daily wear for those who like to keep it casual. They are available in a wide range of 10 colors and sizes (S-5XL). Every piece has been double stitched with reinforced seams at shoulder, sleeve, collar and waist. One of the coolest ways to keep up with your on-the-go music requirements.

Sorry.* T-Shirt by Words Brand

Bring some innovation to your style of saying sorry with this cool Sorry.* T-Shirt by Words Brand. It’s an American apparel T-shirt which has brought fun in the way you apologize to your loved ones. The T-shirt has a simple black base with the print being in white that works as a great combo in delivering the message. So if you’re wondering how to make up with the recent blunders you’ve done in your personal life, just wear one of these and wait till your loved ones cheer up in no time. Even they’ll be flattered seeing your style of saying sorry.

Paranoid Smile T-Shirt

Known to bring new life in the world of graphic tees, Wasted Heroes is one of the most awesome t-shirts that has now tried to capture your smile with this Paranoid Smile T-Shirt. It’s a simple black print on a 100% Combed Cotton Jersey T-shirt (165G) which bears the upside-down image of a camera followed with the word “Smile”. They have used environmentally friendly water based inks for the print which looks extremely simple yet classy. This is a streetwear label with an attitude of its own and this T-Shirt proves it does. So next time you plan to carry a casual look with a twist, you know which tee can help you do so.



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