Exciting Gadgets Gifts For Your Dear Ones

GOSTICK – The PC in a Stick

Want to gift your special someone something really special and can’t come up with enough good ideas? Here are some of the latest gadgets gifts worth a try.

GOSTICK – The PC in a Stick

Unlock access to your computer on the go with GOSTICK, the PC in a stick. Using a monitor, TV, or even a projector, this device turns the screen and system into a fully functioning PC but with much faster speed. Small and compact, GOSTICK fits in your hand and is designed to be ultra-portable. Whether you’re browsing online, shopping, playing games, or even working, GOSTICK has all the tools. You can even stream and download 4K movies and apps effortlessly. GOSTICK has 128 gigabytes of internal storage along with a MicroSD card slot for even more. It also has two USB 3.0 ports as well as an all new USB Type C port. Powering the device is a 2.57GHz Quad Cord processor. Take your computer with you with GOSTICK, the PC in a stick.

TaylorSense Guitar Health Monitoring System

Get to know the vital health signs of your Taylor guitar with the help of the Taylor Sense Guitar Health Monitoring System. It is one of those gadgets gifts ideas which monitors the humidity, battery life, temperature and impact of your Taylor guitar and alerts you whenever your guitar needs care. The alert is sent via Bluetooth between a smart battery box and the corresponding Taylor Guitars App on your iOS mobile device. TaylorSense has also been calibrated to send you timely alerts as well as include easy-to-follow videos you can use to solve problems whenever you come across them. Your TaylorSense battery box even features a digital hygrometer that monitors the humidity level of your Taylor guitar. If the levels are too low or high for an extended time, you’ll receive a humidity alert and a link to on how to remedy your guitar’s condition. The same goes for heat waves and cold spells as well as for battery life and impact. Knowing your Taylor Guitar’s health is just one TaylorSense away.

RIF6 CUBE Pico Projector

Always have a display system ready with the RIF6 CUBE Pico Projector. At just 2 inches, this projector can turn any surface into your very own display and entertainment center. Great for at home, in your dorm, a hotel, the office, or even in the classroom, the RIF6 CUBE is equipped with its own battery, speaker, and a built in SD card reader. Despite the small and compact exterior, the RIF6 CUBE packs in a long lasting LED light source of 50 lumens with a 20,000-hour lifetime as well as the latest optical lens technology to deliver a display up to 120 inches. With this amazing device, all you need is a surface and you’re ready to go.

Bamboo Spark

For those who often find it difficult to carry their tablets on the go, the Bamboo Spark Tablet Sleeve is worth a try. This is a smart folio with a smart ballpoint pen and a spot for your favorite paper. You can write on it by hand and then press a button to save your handwritten notes to the Bamboo Spark app for light editing. If required, you can also try and use the Wacom Cloud for archiving, sharing and access anywhere. The beauty of this device is that it gives you access to your content on most devices, including smartphones, tablets or computer. It even works with cloud based services such as Evernote and Dropbox so that you are able to experience the connected note taking experience anywhere on the go. Choose among the three folio styles and use it as your next tablet sleeve. One of the ideal gadgets gifts ideas for those who like to travel in style.



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