Five Cool Mouse You Can Use Instead of the New Apple Mouse


The new Apple mouse seems like a lucrative choice. But if you have a look at these five options, you might want to try them as well. Have a look:


Meet the Kiro and experience another highly modular gaming device made by Germany’s peripheral powerhouse ROCCAT. With its highly adaptive, superdextrous build, the game has been changed for ambidextrous mice. Perfectly optimizable for both left- and right-handed gamers out of the box, it ticks all the boxes for users who thrive on a highly functional mouse with a clean, ergonomic design. With no-sweat parts comprised of a ROCCAT-pioneered soft-touch surface, the Kiro is the flexible ergonomic mouse that lets you win your way. Kiro features an advanced, modular build that lets you change the handedness of the mouse right out of the box.

Tesseract – The Immersive 6-Axis Computer Mouse and Controller

Go beyond the two dimensions of the traditional mouse with Tesseract, the immersive 6-axis computer mouse and controller. With revolutionary design and engineering, this controller gives you instant advantage whether you’re crushing the competition or an essay. Tesseract works with any PC with Windows and has movement through six axes for total, all over control. Easy to use and even easier to set up, Tesseract is wireless, connecting to a hob that plugs into your computer. Configure this incredible mouse with your choice of key presses, joystick movements, and mouse directions. It has amazing sensitivity and efficiency so you always have precise control.

Wireless Automatic Charging Optical Wristbands 5D Mouse

Keep your hands at the most relaxed state while using the Wireless Automatic Charging Optical Wristbands 5D Mouse. Designed for the office professionals and gamers, this mouse is designed for long term use and is ergonomic in nature. Even after prolonged use, you won’t feel the pain in your hands. The new front and rear design buttons entertain online search and improves work efficiency at the same time. The mouse includes 4 buttons and 1 wheel and comes with a maximum operating range of 10 m. The charging cable length is of around 50.5 cm. It’s a truly sci-fi inspired design which would add wonders to your workspace.

Satechi Spectrum Wired Optical Mouse

Be it for normal browsing or for gaming, the Satechi Spectrum Wired Optical Mouse will make your computing experience visually elegant at all times. This modern mouse will provide 7 different colors with the LED illumination being used to beautify your computer workspace. The mouse has an ultra-smooth surface which provides a comfortable grip even if you use the mouse for a prolonged period of time. To top it up, the chrome finish looks equally eye-catching. Whenever you switch to the ON position of the mouse, it will start to cycle among the colors.

Lenovo Dual Touch Slim 2.4G Wireless Mouse

The Lenovo Dual Touch Slim 2.4G Wireless Mouse isn’t just another computer mouse you have used till date. Instead, this amazing design works as a wireless mouse as well as a laser pointer. It’s a compact and portable design you can carry anywhere which includes dual wireless connectivity. This will help you to switch between Bluetooth and 2.4G modes as and when required. The new Apple mouse seems like a lucrative choice. So if you want to change from the wireless mouse mode to the presenter mode, it will be super easy to do so with this mouse. It comes in two different colors of orange and black with the device being perfectly optimized for Windows 8.

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