Motorola Keylink – Your Next Bluetooth Tracker

Motorola Keylink

It’s time to never lose your phone or keys again. Motorola Keylink pairs with any Android or iOS smartphone using the Motorola Connect app and makes sure you and your devices are always by each other’s side. Make your phone ring anywhere, even from a 100 feet distance. Or you can also use the app to see where your keys are on a map. The link will keep your Motorola or Droid smartphone unlocked when your keys are nearby so that you won’t have to enter a password. Keylink can get a little wet. Full year of battery life using a replaceable standard coin cell batter.

The small fob can easily attach to (or live in) a purse or backpack or messenger bag. It’s a Bluetooth device, which means it’s powered. But you won’t have to worry about charging the Keylink because of the included CR2032 battery in the weather-proof inside. There’s a single button (with a notification light hidden inside it) and a speaker on the underside of the Keylink. When you press the button for about 4 seconds, you can easily fire it up and prepare it for syncing with your phone. In order to use the Motorola Keylink smoothly, you’ll need the Motorola Connect app which is available in Google Play Store.

The app adds a couple of features to the overall device. Firstly, it will locate the last known position of the Keylink as well as your keys or bag. It also lets you ping the Keylink, which will then give off a beep and flash the light. You’ve got to be in range for that to work so it’s only really good for finding your keys if they’ve disappeared in a drawer or under a couch cushion or basically within a short distance. The pinging also works in reverse. Press the Keylink button twice, and Motorola’s “find my phone” feature beeps into action, making it easier to find a phone you’ve left in a pair or pants or somewhere slightly more sinister. Whether it’s about finding a lost keyring or your phone, Motorola Keylink works either way!


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