These New Technology Gadgets Are Cool and Wonderful

HidrateSpark Smart Water Bottle.jpeg

Technology is growing every day. You can’t expect what’s coming up next which is what makes the whole world of gadgets so interesting. Here are some of the new technology gadgets worth a watch.

HidrateSpark Smart Water Bottle

Make sure you’re drinking enough water with HidrateSpark, the smart water bottle. Connecting to the Hidrate app on your phone via Bluetooth, this bottle is outfitted with advanced technology and a precise sensor to keep track of how much water you consume. The app sets goals for what you should drink each day and it will send you helpful, friendly reminders to keep you sipping. If you do forget to drink your water, HidrateSpark will glow to alert you instantly. The app works with both iOS and Android devices. The bottle holds 24 ounces of water and is available in your choice between six refreshing colors. Water consumption is super important to maintain. Stay on track, and hydrated, with Hidrate Spark.

Osram Lightify Flex and WeMo Starter Set

Illuminate and automate your home with the Osram Lightify Flex and WeMo Starter Set. Coming in a set of three two-foot strips, these LED lights are one of the new technology gadgets that can go under cupboards and cabinets, behind a mirror, or anywhere else in your home to add a beautiful ambience. When paired with the included WeMo Link, which easily plugs into a standard outlet, you can totally customize the Osram Lightify Flex LED set. The super intuitive WeMo app gives you the ability to choose from thousands of color choices for the LED strips as well as turn the lights on and off, set a schedule, and dim the lights. WeMo Link can also connect to up to 50 compatible lights to put total control at your fingertips.

EMotion – The Moving Robotic Video Chat Stand

The future has arrived! Introducing eMotion, the moving robotic video chat stand. Holding a tablet at the perfect conversation height, this stand has the incredible ability to move wherever you’d like it to go. It turns your standard video charts into telepresence. Controlled by an intuitive remote, eMotion connects to your iPad or Android tablet and displays the video chat screen. eMotion is great for decreasing the distance between far away family members, satellite offices, or those who you can’t see in person. You can even use this robotic system to make sure you’ve turned off appliances after you’ve left home. Using it for work or for fun, eMotion makes it feel like the recipient is right in the room with you.

CHiPK9 – The World’s First Lovable Robot Dog

Save the hassle of vet bills and muddy paws and fall in love with CHiPK9, the world’s first lovable robot dog. With the ability to be trained, loyal, and affectionate, the CHiPK9 is one of those new technology gadgets which will be your family’s new best friend. Just like a real dog, CHiP is playful and intelligent and can recognize you when you wear the smartband. CHiP will even follow you, wait for you to com home, and remind you when it’s time for food. With incredible artificial intelligence, this robotic dog adapts its personality to learn simple commands, play fetch, and avoid obstacles. The advanced locomotion technology inside also enables CHiP to move with agility and speed – just like a real dog! Enjoy the perks of a dog with none of the mess or bills with CHiPK9.

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