Cool iPhone 6 Decal Stickers You Can Make Good Use Of

Crocodile Embossed iPhone  Decal by Lust

Sometimes you prefer a decal more than a case for your phone. Maybe because they are a bit minimal and less bulky as compared to those phone cases out here. Here are some of the coolest iPhone 6 decal stickers you can try your hands on.

iPhone Decal That Glows At Night

The New and Improved iGlowPhone Glow-in-the-Dark vinyl edge wrap for the iPhone is hands down the coolest and most sought after accessory for the iPhone. Hyped on Gizmodo days after the iPhone release this is the original, accept no imitations! This sleek wrap is made of high-quality photoluminescent vinyl that will glow for hours and can be recharged in minutes. These wraps are great conversation starters and are a must-have for the bar, club, or rave scene. You will not find a glowing wrap anywhere else and if you do they are inferior to our glowing products. If you want something cool that makes you stand out in a crowd, this is the wrap for you.

Crocodile Embossed iPhone 5/5s Decal by Lust Ltd.

Feel the texture of a croc directly from your phone with this Crocodile Embossed iPhone 5/5s Decal by Lust Ltd. It is made of silicone which can adhere neatly on the metal surface behind your iPhone thus giving it the body texture of a crocodile that way. To ensure the decal sticks properly on the metal surface, you need to keep your phone cleaned priorly so as to make the decal’s adhesive work its best. The roughness of a croc’s body is often a thing you won’t try feeling in reality but with this innovative iPhone decal, you can atleast try having an experience on the phone itself. It’s what you can call different thinking!

Homer iPhone 6 / 6 Plus Decal Sticker

Customize your iPhone 6 in the Simpson’s style and let the Apple fever rock even more with this Homer iPhone 6 / 6 Plus Decal Sticker. It’s one of the coolestl iPhone 6 decal stickers which creates this illusion of Homer munching on the Apple logo that can be easily removed without leaving any gooey residue behind. The ultra-high-quality printing along with the super thin scratch proof base makes the sticker durable too for those who would want to keep this on for years. Specifically designed for Simpson’s fans who’ve recently got their hands on the latest iPhone 6 release. Show the world your love for this adorable family and most importantly “Homer”. D’oh!

Batman iPhone Decal

If you’re a true fan of the Gotham City hero and would want to flaunt it off on your phone, here’s your chance to do so with the Batman iPhone Decal. Having been made out of technology safe vinyl, this decal has been made to complement the contours of your iPhone with a traditional and simple Batman face. Here are some of the coolest iPhone 6 decal stickers you can try your hands on. It’s usable on iPhone 5s, 5c, 6, and 6 Plus with easy removability. However, the decal is not repositionable which is why you need to be absolutely sure when you’re applying it on your iPhone’s back surface as you can’t change locations later. The Dark Knight represented in a simplistic way for those who love minimalism in their lives.


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