Trunkster Review: Zipperless Luggage for Faster Access

Trunkster Review Zipperless Luggage for Faster Access.jpg
The first major update to the core industrial design of luggage since wheels comes in the form of Trunkster zipperless luggage. The crown jewel here is the sliding rolltop door which is both durable and water resistant and lets you instantly access your belongings in one swift motion. Rolltop entry is a road warrior’s best friend, specifically engineered to withstand the perils of baggage handling, and provides an enhanced level of theft protection, quite unlike the vulnerable zippers. With Trunkster there, you will not have to be one of those desperate people huddled around a plug at the airport. Trunkster comes with a removable power bank which can be used independently to charge your devices wherever and whenever you wish to. If you need more power, simply upgrade with any USB compatible power bank which is only available for carry-on.

Another important feature which makes Trunkster one of its kind is the integrated scale. Weight restrictions vary drastically by airline, and often even by the route. You can now stay ahead of the curve with the specific integrated digital scale, built directly into the cargo handle. Trunkster’s scale is the first of its kind, featuring heavy-duty sensor protection and patent pending technology for unprecedented durability. Additionally, you need not worry about losing your bag, whether it’s unexpectedly gate checked, or you’re checking for a long journey anymore. Using patented technology that complies with worldwide airline regulations, Trunkster can be tracked anywhere in the world with GSM coverage, no subscription necessary. Best of all, the device is removable so you can share with friends and family, or leave behind when not needed. Each Trunkster Tracker comes preloaded with 3 traces.

Coming to the problems you face with those flimsy telescopic handles that break and get in the way of packing, you won’t have to face those problems anymore with Trunkster. The Trunkster features a robust, full-width handle that gives you enhanced control and balance through many grip positions. Plus, the handle’s special design allows for an uninterrupted cargo space for an optimized packing experience.Calling it a revolutionary luggage of the future won’t be an understatement after all. In an industry defined by the same old zipper and flap luggage, Trunkster’s sexy silhouette, impeccable construction, and intelligent features define a new standard for the discerning traveler, bidding farewell to the brittle zippers, cumbersome flaps, flimsy handles, and unreliable wheels we’ve been forced to accept as the norm. So get rid of those old-school luggage now and switch to Trunkster instead!


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