5 Luxury Smart Gadgets For The Modern Tech-Savvy Generation

Bevy Photo Management System

Sometimes you do want to experience a taste of luxury in your everyday life. How about bringing in some gadgets which could help you live that kind of an experience. Here are some luxury smart gadgets you can try your hands on sometime soon.

Bevy Photo Management System

Everyone is a full-time photographer today, snapping on phones, tablets, and cameras. Enlist Bevy to save, organize, and share all of your digital pics, along with those of your family and friends. It’s easy to add users and their devices to your account. Then, as soon as anyone takes a picture, it’s stored on the pint-sized Bevy and accessible to them. The free app shows images to your family in a Facebook-like feed, but can also post them on social networks or send by text or email. If you like, Bevy can even display pictures on a TV screen. Because only people you choose see pictures, Bevy is more private than cloud storage. And with one terabyte of memory—about 400,000 photos—you’ll free up space on tablets, computers, phones, and memory sticks.

Robomow Robotic Lawn Mower

Let technology do the dirty work for you with the Robomow Robotic Lawn Mower. Powered by a lithium battery, this automatic lawn mower can power through up to ½ acre of grass in no time at all. Equipped with the latest technology, Robomow is able to decide, based on humidity, if it should mow in the rain and it can even handle slopes up to 35 percent. Set multiple zones in your yard that require special attention and Robomow will get the job done. The insanely strong steel blades can be adjusted in height while the child safety lock and anti-theft PIN code features help keep everyone out of harm’s way.

Road to Pro – Tennis Swing Training System

Fix common problems of tennis swings by applying the Tennis Swing Trainer on the arms to touch the body at key phases of a swing. It combines the Tennis Swing Trainer™ and the Tennis Swing Training Manual to provide tactile (touching and doing) and visual learning into a package. The Tennis Swing Trainer™ is worn on the players’ arms to be able to feel where the arms are positioned at key phases of a tennis swing. The Tennis Swing Trainer™ can be worn on the arms to be able to rally with your coaches or hitting partners. The Tennis Swing Training System™ was designed not only to help players replicate the proper swings they are working on while rallying, but without restricting movement to be able to hit other strokes.

Bluejay – The World’s First Smart Mount For Your Car

Bluejay is the world’s first smart mount that seamlessly connects your phone to your car. Made of carbon fiber and high-grade aluminum, Bluejay is one of those luxury smart gadgets which can be placed anywhere in your vehicle and is equipped with Bluetooth Smart beacon technology. With a simple interface to reduce distractions while driving, Bluejay’s mobile app helps you find your car in a crowded parking lot, quickly locate the nearest petrol station, or respond to incoming text messages and calls with a single tap or swipe.


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