Best Gadgets You Must Watch Once For the Taste of Innovation


Wondering what could be the next gift you could give your loved ones? These are some of the best gadgets you can easily go for. Have a look:

Soundjump Wireless Speaker W/Magnetic Power Bank

Portable audio with premium sound paired with long lasting power. Featuring dual front-facing 45mm full range drivers and two front & back passive radiators for deep, balanced bass, the SOUNDJUMP is unlike anything you’ve ever heard. Packed with a DSP (digital signal processor) and a Class-D amplifier to hit the highest highs and deepest lows, you can crank out music at any volume and have crystal clear sound. What’s more, unlike other speakers with a built-in internal battery, our premium speaker will never have to be replaced because of the battery losing charge.

iClever BoostCube Dual USB Wall Charger with SmartID Technology

Did you know that not all chargers charge a device equally fast? Enhanced by the SmartID technology, the smart USB port is capable of identifying a specific device, and thus ensuring maximum charging efficiency and speed. With SmartID, iClever charger “knows” your device and charges at the maximum speed. The technology they are using optimizes performance for various devices and multiple circuit protections, such as short circuit, over current, and over temperature, protect your device from any damage. Even with these innovative features, iClever Dual USB Wall Charger is surprisingly compact, lightweight, perfect for travel and very affordable.

Cue – Deep Health Tracker that Goes Beyond Tracking Steps & Calories

Cue is a revolutionary new device that connects you to your health at the molecular level. Simply load a cartridge and add a sample to access deep information about your body, on demand and on your schedule. Discover every day how activity, food, and sleep shape your body’s story. And achieve meaningful, daily improvements to tell a new one. Elevate your mood. Optimize your workout. Maximize your performance. Watch over the ones you love and create a new chapter in your story. Cue takes you beyond steps and weight, enabling you to track your health at the deepest level. Just collect a tiny sample with the included Sample Wand and slide it into the cartridge.

Teplo Bottle

Brewing that perfect cup of tea every time isn’t an easy job but with Teplo, things will be easier now. This is a revolutionary smart bottle that allows tea drinkers to brew the perfect cup of tea, each and every time. There is a rechargeable battery hidden in the base of the bottle which won’t let your tea get cold and will keep your beverage at the preferred temperature all the time. By using the app, users will also be able to personalize, find and order premium teas from all over the world. Tea is extremely sensitive to temperature and brewing time and Teplo makes sure you get to taste yours just like the way you should. Teplo is one of the best gadgets which combines technology with its unique design to allow for the most perfect tea drinking experience, unlike anything else.


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