These Bike Accessories Are Made For the Modern Bike Adventurers


There’s nothing like the joy of an amazing bike ride. With these super cool bike accessories, your ride will be nothing but gorgeous! Have a look:

FUBi Fixie – Transform Your Bike Into A Folding Bike

What makes the FUBi Fixie folding system one of a kind is the fact that it can transform a full-sized bike into a folding bike without compromising on performance. This bike has the same looks, pricing and riding features similar to a “normal” fixie/bike, yet it can be folded with ease for convenient transport and storage. The bike also comes with full-sized 700C wheels. FUBi has been designed with minimal changes to the existing bicycle design and uses standard bicycle parts except for the frame. Because of this you’ll be able to use your own custom parts or any standard parts on this bike and enjoy riding on it every day. Folding and unfolding FUBi takes a matter of 5-10 seconds.

Camile – Camera & GPS for Cycling & More

Combining the unique qualities of GoPro and Garmin, Camile Bike Cam w/GPS Bike Computer is an ideal gift for any bike adventurer. It comes in vibrant colors of red, yellow, dark grey, green and blue and has amazing functionality to help you stand out from the crowd. It includes special features such as a 3 hour shooting time, training plan, call alert, time-lapse photo capturing capability and more. Camile supports both 1080p 30fps and 720p 60fps recording and has been fitted with a 140-degree wide-angle lens and electronic image stabilization. It deals easily under all kinds of cycling environments and will never let you lose a precious moment during your cycling adventures.

VizorX – The All-Season Helmet Visor

Protect your face all year round with VizorX, the all-season helmet visor. Easily attaching to virtually any bicycle helmet, this innovative visor keeps you protected from anything you may encounter on your ride. Great for any and all weather conditions, the VizorX covers your entire face for a more complete, all over protection. It’s equipped with an anti-fog property and it also deflects debris, UV rays, and so much more. Totally adjustable to suit any helmet, this visor also comes with a helmet cover to provide a high quality waterproof rubber shield.

Tracer360 Visibility Vest – For Bike Riders

The lightweight design and 3M reflected illumination makes the Tracer360 Visibility Vest one of the bike accessories that can be worn at night. It is an all-season design which is rainproof and can be worn over a t-shirt or your running or cycling jacket. Be it while you’re jogging in the early mornings or when you’re bike riding at night, this vest is designed to make you visible by other vehicle riders. The 360-degree illumination is unique and far more visible than running lights. This is a multi-color illumination which can easily catch the attention of drivers.


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