Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Edge – How Efficient Is It?

Galaxy Note 4 Edge

According to Samsung’s electronic future, curved is the new flat. Since 2013, they have been unveiling curved wearables , TVs and even a smartphone, the Galaxy Round . The Galaxy Note 4 Edge furthers the curved campaign with a subtly arched “second screen” that’s devoted to productivity. If a phone like the Edge could one day redefine the flat face of smartphones, Samsung wants to be at the peak of it.

However, the Galaxy Note 4 Edge is not a phone you can master overnight. It has an asymmetrical shape and wraparound Edge display which requires you to navigate this handset differently than you would any other phone.

Samsung’s new Revolving UI and Edge display apps and widgets will help you in making the most of the curved portion of the screen. It also opens up new possibilities for interacting with your phone controls. From the front, you won’t confuse the Note Edge with any other smartphone. It keeps the same form factor and design elements as the Note 4 but the screen is a dead giveaway that this is not your typical smartphone. The edge of the Note Edge is rounded and the screen is extended into that rounded edge. Now, you must be wondering how such a feature can be useful. The first main function is simple: an app dock. No longer would you place your favorite apps at the bottom of your home screen but will always have them rest to the right in a vertical column. This idea is actually cool because it uses the screen more efficiently by not forcing you to give up space on your home screen.

Other uses include an alarm clock mode that will only light up the rounded screen edge instead of the whole screen to show the time and the buttons for the camera app. The assumption here is that each app will make use of this extra space by either showing menu options or features that can be accessed without having to open a menu and thus making for a more efficient experience.

While there haven’t been many examples of how exactly the edge on the Note 4 Edge will be used, the next step lies in the hands of the developers to experiment more with its software.


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