Best Wearable Tech Released in Recent Times


If you have a good taste of technology, you must have a liking for wearable tech. This is one of that branch of innovation which blends the power of technology beautifully with our everyday lives. Let’s have a look at some of the best wearable tech that have been released in recent times.

Theia Augmented Reality Smart Glasses

See the world with a new perspective with the Theia Augmented Reality Smart Glasses. Available in your choice of either sunglasses or reading glasses, this smart pair has an HD camera built in so you can take photos and videos of anything you see with a press of a button. The Theia Glasses also have a built in flashlight so you can always find your way. Amazingly, these smart glasses, designed to be worn everywhere, can sound an alarm if they sense you are becoming drowsy while driving. Connecting to your smartphone via Bluetooth, the Theia Glasses also have 8GB of storage for your favorite songs or playlists.

Withings Activité Sapphire Tracking Watch

Stay in tune with your body throughout the day with the Withings Activité Sapphire Tracking Watch. Despite looking like your average beautiful watch, this one is able to keep track of your activities and sleep with precision. The Activité Sapphire is a Swiss made watch and is sophisticated enough to detect and determine running, walking, swimming, and sleeping. Pairing with the intuitive app via Bluetooth, you can see all of your data and trends in concise, easy to read views. Water resistant up to 150 feet, the Activité Sapphire can be worn with a silicone strap in place of the leather one for water-based and sports activities.

Basketball Replay Analyzer by Blast Motion

Track and review your performance with the Basketball Replay Analyzer by Blast Motion. Easily clipping to your waistband, this best wearable tech seamlessly connects to your device via Bluetooth to analyze your game. The Basketball Replay Analyzer is equipped with a precision motion sensor to determine your acceleration, rotation, and your jump height as you play. Additionally, the Smart Video Capture feature tracks your metrics as you move in real time. The Basketball Replay Analyzer connects with the app so you can share you latest stats and moves with your friends.


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