Coolest Samsung Phone Accessories You Must Have a Look At


If you have a Samsung phone, chances are that you’re always in search of those cool accessories that can further enhance the performance of your phone. Here are some of the best Samsung Phone Accessories that will help you get there!

LMcable – The Micro USB and Lightning Cable

End the frustration of always searching for the correct cable with LMcable, the micro USB and Lightning cable in one. Featuring an innovative design, this revolutionary cable is the answer to everyone’s increasing collection of gadgets. Completely streamlined to suit our lives, the LMcable is usable with both Apple Lightning products as well as those that use a micro USB cable. The LMcable comes wrapped in a stunning leather and it provides super fast transfer and charging rates. The stylish design paired with the convenience makes the LM cable the most versatile and dynamic on the market and certainly the only cable you will ever need.

H2 Headphones by B&O BeoPlay – Superior Sound Quality From High-End Materials

Adaptive fit technology and superior sound quality makes the H2 Headphones by B&O BeoPlay one of the most versatile options available in the market today. You can consider these headphones a stylish pair for your musical moments too. They have been made out of composite materials which are lightweight and durable. The headphones will also adjust to your head and provide you the perfect you desire. There is a 3-button inline remote that lets you control your music without reaching your phone and the microphone will allow you to take calls without missing a beat.

Selfy Bar Mount by iLuv – Capture Your Special Bicycle Moments in Style

Don’t miss out on any special moment while bicycling by clicking those selfie videos on time. What you’ll need is the Selfy Bar Mount by iLuv. It is an easy to use mount which will clamp to your bike’s handlebars and will help you record all the action when you’re riding on the road. The mount can be used on bicycles and motorcycles too. The purpose is to enable you record all the incredible moments you experience during your bike rides without distracting your rides by any chance. The key to the specialty of this mount is the slot which holds the shutter at the back of the selfy case.

Ultrathin Painted Portable Power Bank

Who says technology can’t be beautiful? Top up your device with the stunning Ultrathin Painted Portable Power Bank. Loaded with 10,000 mAh of power, this is one of the coolest Samsung Phone Accessories which stores enough juice for nearly four full charges for the iPhone 6 and more than two full charges for a Samsung Galaxy. Working with most phones, tablets, and e-readers, the Painted Portable Power Bank features dual USB ports to simultaneously charge two devices. What makes this power bank stand out is the stunning artwork printed on the front. With your choice from five styles, including a serene boat scene and a sunset, the Painted Portable Power Bank will accent your every day like a portable piece of art.









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