Head For the Perfect Party With These Music Jukebox, Party Speakers and More

BaseII-Editor-Livid-InstrumentsPlanning a party at home and can’t come up with enough ideas to keep up with the music? Try these amazing music gadgets which includes music jukebox, boom boxes and more

Base II Editor by Livid Instruments

Harness the power of multiple tools in one with the Base II Editor by Livid Instruments. This all in one system lets you access your beats and synths, compose your own music, and even control lights and visual with a simple and easy to use seamless layout. Base II features 32 pressure sensitive pads that are versatile and comfortable for tapping out beats yet precise enough for careful editing. Nine sensitive touch gliders each have an instant response, providing an unparalleled experience. You can reprogram each of the pads and gliders, including their color, to mix and match with your editing style and needs.

SOUNDBOKS – The Loudest Battery-Powered Speaker

Throw an amazing outdoor music party this summer with SOUNDBOKS. It is the ultimate speaker designed by industry leading engineers and experienced party-goers for outdoor parties and sports. This speaker is capable of delivering extreme volume, maximum battery life and unbreakable design. The suitcase style design is highly portable and can be easily carried on your outdoor trips. The design has been tested to withstand any extreme situation you can dream of. The SOUNDBOKS ensures to always deliver high quality sound – whether you’re at a wild tailgate or an all-night party at the beach.

Music Jukebox Dock for Smart phones, Tablets and Bluetooth Music Players

This retro Music Jukebox Dock decked with colorful neon lights looks like it’s been lifted straight out of a 1950s diner where you had to feed coins to play your favorite tunes. Well, it’s about the same, except that this one eats your smart phones and tablets. You dock your device into the jukebox for charging, they connect through Bluetooth, and the stereo speakers start blaring. It works with iTunes, and also with other jukebox apps that you can download from the App Store.



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