These Apple Watch Accessories Are Truly One of a Kind


Got an Apple Watch and can’t find enough ways to accessorize it? Here are some of the coolest Apple Watch accessories you can go for.

Kardia Band – The EKG Strap for Apple Watch by AliveCor

Make your watch even smarter with Kardia Band, the EKG strap for Apple Watch by AliveCor. Giving you on-demand heart monitoring, this strap fits seamlessly with the Apple Watch to keep you informed. Using the latest EKG technology, the Kardia Band can instantly detect atrial fibrillation as well as normal heart rhythm. All of the data from this wearable is uploaded and stored in the app so it’s ready to share with your doctor. The metal sensors on the back of the Kardia Strap is activated through the app for a 30-second reading and the app also let you record audio to note your current symptoms.

Satechi Aluminum Apple Watch Charging Stand

Display, charge, and still view your smartwatch with the Satechi Aluminum Apple Watch Charging Stand. Carefully crafted using ultra durable aluminum, this stand perfectly matches your Apple products and is available in silver, space grey, and gold. Complete with a hole to securely hold the magnetic charger, the Satechi Aluminum Apple Watch Charging Stand has a built in tunnel to hide your charging cable for a seamless design. The stand elevates your watch so you can still view your notifications while it’s topping up.

WRBLS Apple Watch Sport Bands

The most fashionable collection of sport bands for the Apple Watch. You can now wear your Apple Watch in style with these amazing sports bands. No matter whether you’re heading for the woods or going for an office meeting, these sports bands are designed to suit all kinds of work lifestyle. But WRBLS is not about watch bands alone, it‘s about doing what we love and sharing it with others. This line of watch bands includes fresh and young colors with bold patterns that turns your bands into designs which can match with casual and sporty outfits. So whether you’re a sportswoman or a trendsetter, these watch bands will make you be in your comfort zone all the time.

HoverDock for Apple Watch by Just Mobile

The elegant charging dock for Apple Watch. HoverDock is the low-profile charging bed for Apple Watch. With an integrated support for Apple Watch’s Magnetic Charging Cable, HoverDock is one of the coolest Apple Watch accessories that keeps your precious timepiece safe, powered up and always ready to double as bedside alarm clock. Encased in an exquisite unibody aluminum disc, HoverDock™ has a hollow soft-touch plastic body with smart cable storage – adding a slice of minimalist chic to any tabletop.


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