Wear Style on Your Wrist: Shammane Smart watch, Mission Smart watch and more


Olio-Smartwatch-Model-One-Black-Collection-01-If you like technology, you’re definitely going to like these smart watches. The list includes some cool examples including the Shammane Smart watch

Model One Smart watch by Olio

 Your watch should do more than just tell time. The Model One smart watch by Olio goes far beyond by offering all the bells and whistles. The Model One redefines intelligent connection and pairs with both Apple and Android devices to show you all notifications, both the ones you’ve missed and your upcoming schedule, with a glance able and swipe able interface. The high resolution and visually pleasing graphics below the sapphire crystal cover are designed to give you maximum information in the quickest possible glance. With precision down to the finest detail, the Model One has a custom made battery complete with rapid charge and is also waterproof up to 50 meters. Available in rose gold, gold, steel, and black, this watch has timeless style.

The Mission Smart watch by Nixon

 Introducing the Mission Smart watch by Nixon, the world’s first action sports smart watch. This timepiece was designed to stay with you all the elements and any terrain. Powered by Android Wear and coming with its own suite of apps, you can use the Mission with Surf line to stay up to date on surfing conditions and waves or use it with the Nixon Trace app to receive snow reports as you trek up a mountain. The Mission is water resistant to 100 meters while the durable 48mm polycarbonate case is also shock resistant.

Shammane Smart watch

 Sham mane is a unique smart watch designed as a self-extension, bringing back elegance and fashion into the connected world. Shammane is a piece of jewellery, not only another smart watch. Sham mane understands that people require more out of their wristwatch then just telling time. The Shammane Smart watch is an elegant, timeless wearable that helps you stay connected to the people, places, and events you care about most, without sacrificing style. Our watch is a discreet way to stay connected to the people and things not immediately in front of you, without distracting you from the ones who are.

Vector Luna Smart watch with 30-Day Battery Life

Keep time, and tracking, for days on end with the Vector Luna Smart watch with 30-day battery life. Although resembling a traditional watch on the home screen, this watch is actually super smart. Compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows phones, the Luna Smart watch alerts you to incoming emails, texts, and notifications. In addition to tracking your social life, the Luna Smart watch also tracks your activities, calories burned, distance, and even your quality of sleep. The large round face is wide enough to provide pertinent information yet remains flat to not take over your wrist. The watch, along with the silicone band, is water resistant up to 50 meters.

Source:- http://thegadgetflow11.livejournal.com/11243.html




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