Best of Music Gadgets: Music Jukebox Dock, Wearable Air Guitar and More

music junkbo

If you are a music lover, chances are that you are always in search of that great music gadget. Check some of these examples which can surely add some musical drama to your everyday life. The list includes a cool music jukebox dock too!

Crosley C200 Turntable

Get back to basics and enjoy your music in the best medium with the Crosley C200 Turntable. Complete with a direct drive motor, adjustable counter weights, and a built in preamp, this turntable is easily connected to your speaker in order to deliver vinyl as its finest. For going the current trend of unnecessary accessories, the Crosley C200 packs in the latest technology into the required controls for premium audio. The platter fills nearly the entire top surface save for a convenient speed calibration control and pitch adjustment on the bottom right. The sturdy tone-arm is an S-shape and its anti-skate and counter-weight system allows it to glide seamlessly through each and every track.

Dualo – The new musical instrument for all

Experience the joy of creating your own music with one intuitive & stand alone and mobile instrument. Play and compose whatever you want, wherever you want. The du-touch S is a mix between a traditional instrument and a launchpad, with an integrated loop-sequencer. It allows you to build your own songs with different tracks without a computer. Its interface is made both for exigeant musicians and beginners with no musical background. Thanks to its small size and weight , powered by a 8-hour battery, you can compose wherever and whenever you want. Since 2011, The Dualo Team, based in Paris and composed of musician engineers, is working on a new approach of music.

AirJamz – Wearable Air Guitar

AirJamz is a next-generation wearable wristband that makes rock star dreams come true. It’s not about a score, it’s not about the competition; it’s about anyone being able to have fun with music, regardless of experience. That’s not to say style doesn’t have something to do with it…Air Guitar is a lot of fun. It’s one of the best ways to use your imagination whether you’re a kid or just one at heart. What if you could play air guitar, for real? AirJamz makes it possible. Simply slap on the wristband and strum; AirJamz senses your air guitar movements and triggers actual sound based on your movements. Using Bluetooth technology, your motions are translated into music instantly via your mobile device and the AirJamz apps. Packed with musical content, you can play practically any type of song you want with the AirJamz wearable guitar.

Music Jukebox Dock for Smartphones, Tablets and Bluetooth Music Players

This retro Music Jukebox Dock decked with colorful neon lights looks like it’s been lifted straight out of a 1950s diner where you had to feed coins to play your favorite tunes. Well, it’s about the same, except that this one eats your smartphones and tablets. You dock your device into the jukebox for charging, they connect through Bluetooth, and the stereo speakers start blaring. It works with iTunes, and also with other jukebox apps that you can download from the App Store.


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