Streamline Your Mobile Life With the Moto Smart Watches

moto smart watch

If you have a thing for smart watches, the Motorola series are surely going to catch your attention. This series of smartwatches have been designed to make time for you. A timeless masterpiece flaunting a cutting-edge design, the Moto smart watches are designed to tell you more than just the time. They are powered by Android Wear and have been crafted using premium materials. You can be sure to stay updated about the digital world with this watch on your wrists.

The Moto smart watches will maximize your viewing experience by featuring a 1.56 inch edge-to-edge round display. The resolution of 320 x 290 pixels with 205 ppi will help you come across the immense detailing that goes behind the making of the watch. The watch retains the classic wristwatch design without compromising on comfort.

It is the carefully chosen materials which make the Moto smart watches what they are. The watch has been designed by using the damage resistant Corning Gorilla Glass for the display and a high-quality stainless steel case. To add to this are the Horween leather bands which add a touch of elegance to the overall design. These smartwatches might look just like your everyday watch but they are smarter than what you think them to be. The watch is capable of displaying notifications based on your location, be it weather, flight alerts or traffic so that you are well on track. A light vibration ensures that you are notified of incoming or missed calls, text messages and emails.

In fact, every time you choose to talk to your Moto smart watches, it will respond to you. All you need to do is utter the phrase “OK Google”. From scheduling a meeting to checking Google Maps, these Moto smart watches will always ensure to keep you in line with the digital world. Only in a stylish way.


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