Crowdfunding Association Lists the Best Platforms For Crowdfunding Project Promotion


Crowdfunding Association

Crowdfunding is a thriving industry today and to make your mark in this industry is not easy. You need to do something special in order to stand out. That special effort begins from the kind of promotional campaigns you perform for your product. You can also try using the various promotional services that have come up especially for crowdfunding campaigns. Now to choose the right service at the right time might often be difficult. That’s where crowdfunding association steps in. They have already started listing some of the best services crowdfunding project creators can make use of. With more to come in the near future. Here are some examples to look for.


Providing you emails with exclusive deals on Kickstarter funded projects every week. This will help backers to save 20-50% on Kickstarter funded products thus helping you gain more backers with lucrative offers heading their way.

Gadget Flow

Launched in 2012, their mission has always been to make product discovery on the web super easy. It also provides you with the option of saving your favorite products in a private or public wish list, creating your custom feed from your favorite categories, and accessing exclusive discounts. It was founded in 2012 with one goal in mind: to simplify online product exploration.

Smart Crowdfunding

Their services are designed to help Crowdfunding projects look better, gain more visibility and ultimately gain trust with potential backers. They have accomplished this using several tried and tested methods meaning you get the tools and tips to use with your own campaign. They have also leveraged off social media expertise, press and journalist contacts which helps your project to get more exposure and web traffic. These are all critical factors to your Crowdfunding success. Our services can send hundreds and sometimes thousands of people who love Crowdfunding straight to your project page. They work closely with both the National Crowdfunding Association and the Crowdfunding Professional Association and are proud to be involved in the process of improving the crowdfunding experience and in helping achieve industry growth.

Ignite Agency

The Ignite Agency is another service listed on crowdfunding association which is a full service professional crowdfunding digital marketing agency with the capabilities to offer every aspect of creating and marketing a crowdfunding campaign. The Ignite Agency can also continue to support you after your crowdfunding campaign with ongoing marketing, social media and PR services. They do it all: branding, video, content writing, rewards development, raise guidance, social media development and marketing, PR, website development and campaign support during and after the campaign period – complete end-to-end service.


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