Head For Better Crowdfunding Consulting At Crowdfunding Association Now



If you are launching a crowdfunding project and can’t come up with better tactics to enhance its outreach online, crowdfunding association is what you should head for. This platform is specially built to provide you with steps to enhance your crowdfunding project promotion without falling under the traps of spammy promoters. One of their special features come in the form of special crowdfunding consulting sessions with Evan Varsamis, Entrepreneur, Founder and CEO of Gadget Flow Inc, Investor and Advisor at Comet Core, Qrator. He has been named as “Global Citizen” by American Express and his works have been featured on Mashable, The Next Web, PCMagazine, Fortune as well as Open Coffee.

The crowdfunding consulting session will last for an hour where you can discuss crucial points such as Campaign Planning, Best Day to Launch, How to Get Funded (Pre-Launch Campaigns, Post Launch Campaigns), List with Trusted Marketing Services, Exclusive Discount codes that saves you up to $5,000 for Promoting your Campaign, How to Pitch Media and Grab their Attention followed by an exclusive Q&A at the end that will last for 15 minutes. This will not only help in boosting your present campaign but will also help you have a prior knowledge of how to go about with the promotional strategy for the future campaigns. It’s a very good opportunity for crowdfunding project creators to work on their skills related to crowdfunding promotion strategy and make the most out of their campaign launch by doing the right things on time.

To go for a crowdfunding consulting session might sound crazy in the beginning but it will actually help you come out from the dilemma of how to go about with your marketing strategy. It will let you plan your launch date as well as pre and post launch campaigns with a proper timeline so that you get the attention of maximum backers at one time. Start making the most of Crowdfunding Consulting consulting sessions now!

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