4 Cool Designer Watches For the Fashion Conscious


If you have a thing for fashionable designs, wristwatch must be one of your favorite accessories. In spite of having gadgets which makes it easy for you to keep a check on time, wristwatches still seem to be that one thing mankind can’t get rid of. Let’s have a look at four fashionable designer watches you must be yearning to own sometime in your life for sure.

Xeric Soloscope Automatic Limited Edition Watch

When you put on your watch in the morning, does it reflect who you are? Well, it should! We live in a time when everyone has the same stuff, racing for the latest phone, fastest laptop and most advanced gadget. Every single one of these devices will soon be obsolete. Your WATCH, on the other hand, is a chance to reflect your value of striking design and timeless mechanics, and that is why we hope you’ll join us in bringing the Limited Edition SOLOSCOPE Automatic to life. Let the latest and boldest mechanical watch by XERIC remind you — and everyone around you — that you are making your own mark. It’s time to go SOLO. The SOLOSCOPE Automatic is mechanical, so the motion of your wrist is all it needs for power.

M42 Chronograph Watch in PVD Black by Uniform Wares

Introducing the M42 Chronograph Watch in PVD Black by Uniform Wares. Packing effortless style into premium functionality, this Swiss made watch has everything you need to complete your look. A part of the M collection, the M42 Watch is 42mm in diameter and is protected by a scratch resistant sapphire glass complete with an anti-reflective coating on both sides. In place of numbers are elegant notches around the circumference as well as triple register 1/10 second chronograph with the date placed at 4 o’clock. The casing is made with 316L brushed stainless steel and is water resistant with a rating of 5 ATM. The M42 Watch is impressible sleek and is finished with a stunning nappa leather strap with nine holes to get your perfect fit.

Griffin Emblem – Automatic Watches

Griffin Emblem is back with a beautiful third collection of Automatic Watches. The unique design with a skeleton view and the use of best quality materials will satisfy any watch lover. These wristwatches are inspired from griffins who were not only perceived as heroes, but also as protectors of gold. The idea was to launch a series of high quality, automatic wristwatches at an affordable price. These wristwatches do not work on a battery and can blend with professional as well as casual style. They come with 21 jewels and are a unisex design as well.

Canvas Watch Company – Redefining Designer Watches

Canvas Watch Company uses premium components to create designer watches with a unique aesthetic. Each dial design is illustrated by a new independent designer and produced in limited quantities. The movement is Swiss-made, the lens is sapphire, and they are assembled in the United States. Based in Detroit, Canvas Watch Company is currently raising funds to launch it’s first production batch. The First Edition watches are sequentially numbered (001-500).


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