Enjoy a Stylish Work Life With the Rosewood, Slate and Marble MacBook Case


For those of you who own a MacBook, working on that machine is really an amazing experience. But don’t you think that just like all your other style accessories, your MacBook needs that something extra in the department of style too. Here are some of the coolest MacBook cases you can try your hands on. The designs include a Rosewood, Slate and Marble MacBook case.

Real Rosewood Macbook Case

Give your MacBook a whole new look with the Real Rosewood MacBook Case. These has been made out of high quality real wood rosewood with a 3m pressure sensitive adhesive. You simply need to peel and stick them on your MacBook and enjoy the cool wooden texture thereafter. This is a handmade product which has been made in the USA that come with a finish of a natural danish oil. Every skin has a peel + stick feature that can be applied within minutes. The danish oil finish comes with slits in the corners which allow the wood to wrap around the curves of the MacBook top. It’s an amazing way to customize your MacBook that will surely turn heads and make your MacBook a conversation starter among friends and family. A Mac accessory that is as sophisticated as your MacBook itself.

Slate MacBook Skin by Roxxlyn

Combine the modern beauty of your laptop with a breath-taking nature scene with the Slate MacBook Skin by Roxxlyn. This handcrafted laptop cover is handcrafted and uses genuine, natural stone. Amazingly, the cover is just .5mm thick creating no unnecessary bulk. The Slate MacBook Skin protects your laptop from dings and scratches and is tough enough to handle your ever day carry. This cover fit MacBook 12-inch, MacBook Air 11- and 13-inch, and also MacBook Pro 13- and 15-inch. It comes with your choice of color in Vulcano Dust, Transocean, and Indian Summer to fit with any style you’re after. Display the incredibly detailed artistry right on your laptop and keep it protected with the Slate MacBook Skin by Roxxlyn.

White Marble Laptop Decal for MacBook

Make your Macbook a sophisticated beauty by applying this ethereal White Marble MacBook Case that looks absolutely stunning as a sight. Like standard decals, it will protect your Macbook from scratches and never make it lose its charm but that is still not the only criteria you’ll want this decal for. It’s the classic design of marble which makes it a coveted beauty amongst all, especially because of the luxurious look it creates. The decal has been modeled after the White-Gray Carrara Marble that was one of Michelangelo’s favorites and is even today used to complement a lot of high-quality architecture in Rome. Imagine the ethnicity this one decal could bring to your everyday tech life!

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