Make Your Car Well Equipped With These Car Accessories

Satechi Aluminum Magnet Vent Mount

Modern age cars have everything in them. From car chargers to dashboard mounts to tons of other car accessories, the list is simply endless today. Here are some of the latest examples you might want to have a look at and give your car a makeover thereafter.

Satechi Aluminum Magnet Vent Mount

Utilize all the convenient features of your smartphone without compromising your safety with the Satechi Aluminum Magnet Vent Mount. Elegantly simple, this device easily clips into the air vent in any vehicle. Placing the included magnetic pad onto your phone or inside the phone’s case, the Magnet Vent Mount will hold your device at an ideal height. Great for using navigation apps, music apps, or taking hands free calls, the magnet of the Magnet Vent Mount is strong enough to hold any smartphone in place. Unlike others on the market, the Magnet Vent Mount is minimal and sleek. It is available in your choice of Space Grey, Silver, or Gold, like most other Satechi products, to seamlessly match your color theme.

Otium Soft Vehicle Rack

Take all your outdoor gear with you safely and securely with the Otium Soft Vehicle Rack. Coming in two pieces, this rack system easily installs onto the roof of your vehicle. The unique design of the Otium Soft Vehicle Rack allows you to transport a variety of gear, including snowboards, skis, SUPs, or even a kayak, without damaging the roof of your car or your gear. Unlike traditional cumbersome roof racks, the Otium Soft Vehicle Rack is a breeze to install using the included extra strength 10-foot long straps. The total kit also comes with two blocks, a microfiber cleaning cloth, and a carrying case to ease the four-pound load. Have the freedom to explore with the Otium Soft Vehicle Rack.

ZUS – The Smart USB Car Charger

Top up your phone’s battery with ZUS, the smart USB car charger. Available in black and gold, this smart car charger connects and charges your device via USB cable. Using the quick charge system, it can fully charge two iPads in less than four hours. With sophisticated German design, ZUS also has a built in car locating system. Designed to be left in your car, you can use the ZUS app to see exactly where you parked your car. Equipped with military grade standards, ZUS can work even in high temperatures inside your car in the summer. ZUS also clever detects which device you have plugged in and choses the correct output power to charge it safely. Made of durable plastic and strong titanium, ZUS is the only car charger you’ll ever need.

Luxury All Over Dog Seat Cover

Protect your seas and give your dog a comfy place to ride with the Luxury All Over Dog Seat Cover. Made with machine washable microfiber velvet, this seat cover is one of the coolest car accessories which is softly quilted and has side flaps to cover all edges of the seat. The Luxury All Over Dog Seat Cover is also padded and has slots to allow for seat belts and headrests to still be used. Even for time when you dog isn’t in the car, this cover will protect your seats from kids, too. The Luxury All Over Dog Seat Cover can either drape over the seat and hang above the floor or be clipped to the front seats for a hammock style and to create a barrier. On the back are anti-skid spots to prevent sliding. Keep your seats looking new with the Luxury All Over Dog Seat Cover. For more information click this link.

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