Modern Comfort: Futon Chair, Smoker’s Armchair and More


Resting at the end of a tiring week is a must for all. But you can’t simply go for those old armchairs all the time. Sometimes you need something cooler. Like these modern armchairs that have brought in that extra touch in the world of chairs. Futon chair, sofa lounge chair and many more which constitute the modern designs in the world of furniture today.

The Humphrey Chair by Texas Rover Company

Relax with some simplicity with the Humphrey Chair by Texas Rover Company. A modern take on a classic South African explorer’s chair from the 1800s, the frame of this chair is made entirely of stunning reclaimed Texas pecan wood. Sanded, finished, and assembled by hand, the Humphrey Chair is a sustainable product and the seat is made with luxurious and durable full grain oiled leather. Made for indoors and outside, the leather can handle the elements.

E-Joy Relaxing Sofa Lounge Chair

Enhance your relaxation with the E-Joy Relaxing Sofa Lounge Chair. Versatile and super comfortable, this chair is complete with an adjustable backrest that can fold to four different positions. Going from totally flat to 90 degrees, the E-Joy Lounge Chair is easily maneuvered for comfort as well as storage. The padded fabric cover is complete with an internal zipper to not scratch the floor and is easily removed for watching.

El Purista Smokers’ Armchair

If you’re going to celebrate with a cigar, you might as well enjoy every second to the fullest. Introducing the El Purista Smokers’ Armchair. Made with premium materials, this chair is as luxurious as it is functional. The durable frame of the El Purista is made of delicately shaped Spanish cedar which also has beautiful aromatics. Atop this sturdy wood is a cushioned leather with a super soft and smooth feel. Built right into the arms of the El Purista are convenient drawers for all of your smoking essential with even enough space for a glass of scotch.

Fresh Futon Nido Convertible Futon Chair/Bed

After a hard day’s work, you’re entitled to lounge around in your own futon. Heck, you’re entitled to lounge around in a futon even if you haven’t done a thing the whole day. But wait – you’re done lounging, and now you want to snooze, and you have to go find a bed to sleep in? No way! Get the Fresh Futon Nido to ensure you never have to move an inch just when you’re starting to get all comfy. This is a multi-functional and convertible futon chair that spreads out into a semi-circular bed when you feel like taking a nap. For more information click here .


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