Special Accessories For MacBook Fans : Mini MacBook, Marble MacBook Cover and More

Mini Macbook Air Portable Mirror

Having a MacBook means you are always on the lookout for that perfect accessory for your little laptop. Now to go for that perfect accessory isn’t always easy. Check these latest examples of MacBook accessories in order to have a better idea on the same. Oh and just so that you don’t miss out on the fun, there’s a Mini MacBook Mirror too!

Marble MacBook Cover by Element

Give your laptop the ultimate royalty treatment with the Marble MacBook Cover by Element. Unlike imitation products on the market, this cover is no ordinary decal – it’s made with a genuine slab of marble. The marble used for the Marble MacBook Cover comes directly from Milan, Italy and stays in place with a 3M pressure sensitive adhesive. Handcrafted in New York to ensure the finest details, the Marble MacBook Cover can be easily removed and interchanged with other Element covers so your style is always fresh. Made to order, the iconic apple shaped logo is engraved directly onto the front of the cover, right on the stone. Truly unique, the Marble MacBook Cover is fit for a variety of MacBook editions including the Air, Pro Retina 13 and 15, Pro 15, and more. Did we mention marble?

MacBook Rack – Nordic Appeal

The MacBook Rack is a vertical MacBook stand. It class up your work space. It is Danish design – simple, functional and high quality. Nordic Appeal is dedicated to a sustainable mindset. Today we can either choose to produce with sustainability in focus or not. Nordic Appeal walk on a green path and choose to be environmentally friendly – from the wood we use to the paper for business cards. We produce to the standards of PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) and EU ECO-label. It is very important to us to focus on the environment and green solutions. The MacBook Rack – A space saver and eco-friendly MacBook stand.

Fit Macbook Pro Retina Sleeve

Slim, reduced and relaxed – this is the MacBook sleeve if you like to support the sleekness and edginess of your sharp MacBook Pro Retina. It offers an all around secure protection without being bulky .Our über premium vegetable tanned Italian leather is hand-stained hide by hide. Skilled workmen apply natural colouring made from tree bark, etc. by hand onto the leather. This traditional technique needs a lot of time but ensures an amazing quality.

Mini Macbook Air Portable Mirror

Mini Macbook  Air Style Portable Mirror/ Apple Notebook Creative Make up Mirror by Creative Mirror. It is just a Mirror and have no Laptop Function.. It’s also very Fashionable because it bears resemblance with the Apple MacBook air.


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