These Apple Watches Accessories Will Make Your Smartwatch Look Unique


Apple Watch is here to solve a lot of day to day notification problems in your life. With this smartwatch in hand, checking notifications has become easy peasy. Now just like most of your gadgets, your Apple Watch needs that extra special accessorizing too. Here are some of the coolest Apple Watches accessories you must have a look at.

Reserve Charging Strap for Apple Watch

Extend the battery of your Apple Watch by 2.7X with the Reserve Charging Strap for Apple Watch. This means it will give your watch 30 additional hours of usage. It is a specialized thermoset elastomer silicone band which comes with a proprietary overmolded accessory port connector. The strap adheres to Apple’s official band design guidelines and has been embedded with lithium polymer cells. There’s a micro USB charging port and an LED charge status indicator. The strap is water resistant too and supports either 38mm or 42mm Apple Watches. There’s a one touch charge indicator too. Available in white, grey, black and infrared colors, this strap makes your Apple Watch a powerfully charged up device for your wrist.

Horn Charm Pendant Necklace for Apple Watch by Bucardo

Wear the Apple Watch in a chic and elegant way with the Horn Charm Pendant Necklace by Bucardo. This necklace shows off your Apple Watch as a pendant. As you’re able to change the background on the watch as much as you’d like, your style of the necklace can change just as easily. Inspired by designs from the 20s and 30s, the horn is a symbol of luck and good fortune. The symbol, which can be swapped with other interchangeable and separately sold charms, hangs delicately from the bottom of the watch. The necklace is adjustable and comes in either silver or gold to match the range of the Apple Watch. With the Horn Charm Pendant Necklace by Bucardo, the Apple Watch will never go out of style.

DOCK for Apple Watch by Native Union

A perfect minimalist dock for your newly bought Apple Watch. The DOCK for Apple Watch by Native Union features a sleek form and rotating arm using which you can showcase the overall design of your Apple Watch while it recharges itself. The dock has been beautifully crafted out of matt graphite silicone and aircraft grade aluminium that is ideal to complement the iconic design of your Apple watch while it’s docked. It will hold your Apple Watch magnetically in place so you need not worry about safe docking at all. You’ll be able to find an optimum angle for operating your watch by using the rotating arm. All in all, a versatile platform your Apple Watch can make good use of.

LunaTik EPIK Apple Watch Case and Band

Protect your smartwatch like you would your smartphone with the LunaTik EPIK Apple Watch Case and Band. Made of ultra durable polycarbonate, this smartwatch case is the most rugged on the market. Fitting perfectly around your Apple Watch from corner to corner, the LunaTik EPIK is of the coolest Apple Watches accessories which has been designed to handle anything and everything your day brings. The equally durable polycarbonate band has enough slots to be worn with wrists of all sizes with a comfortable fit. Offering tactile control, the LunaTik EPIK retains the accessibility of the sensors on the back of the Apple Watch as well as the buttons and the screen. Unrivalled protection and comfort inspired design, the LunaTik EPIK comes in your choice of black, white, gray, and black volt. For more information visit this link.



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