Celebrate Your Special Day With These Anniversary Gift Ideas


Your anniversary is special. It’s that day of your life when you started your journey with your partner. With these anniversary gift ideas, you can actually say your thank you in a unique way.

Where’s Woody Watches

Perfect your minimalism with the Where’s Woody Watches. Crafted using only the best materials, each style in this line boasts elegance and sophistication. The four styles of the Where’s Woody Watches include Il Toscano for Florence, The Mawun for Lombok, The Pass for Byron Bay, and La Rambla for Barcelona. Each features a luxurious wood face with visible vertical grain. Staying true to minimalism, the numbers on the face have been replaced with thin notches to match the sleek and slender hands. The Where’s Woody Watches have nothing else on the face aside from a supremely minimal logo in the place of the notch for three o’clock. The leather strap is complemented by a stainless steel case and it all runs on a Japanese Myota movement.

Plush Unicorn Slippers for Grown Ups

Looking for a spring in your step? Don these magical unicorn slippers and you can feel your spirits lift. Let the purity of the unicorn wipe away your dark deeds and make the world a better place for you. It would be an overreach to call these unicorns majestic, but they certainly top the charts for cute and dorky. Oh, and lest we forget – they’re very comfortable with a soft lining that makes the slippers adjust to match any foot size. ThinkGeek’s Plush Unicorn Slippers are as cozy and warm as they are adorable and magical. Slide your feet into the unicorns and your morning routine will be more pleasurable. Brushing your teeth? Fun! Flossing? Easy! Styling your mane? Beautiful every time! Coffee? Perfectly brewed. Breakfast? Delicious. See what you’re missing without unicorns on your feet? Get your magical footwear today!

Drop – The Super Handy Wallet

End your fumbling and suffering and switch over to Drop, the super handy wallet. Made of beautiful genuine leather, this hand crafted wallet holds everything you need from cards to cash and makes them more accessible than ever. The unique tri-fold design minimizes the bulk while clever tear drop shaped cut outs allow you to slide your cards from the wallet with incredible ease. Drop also has handy notches in the top of the card slots to give you even more accessibility for when you need it but the wallet keeps everything secure when it’s stored away. Drop is a reimagined wallet to suit all of your carrying needs without compromising the traditional elegance and importance of the leather wallet style.

The Vintage Tote Bag

Our friend Ryan Barr from Whipping Post has added a new product to the line of vintage bags. The stylish Vintage Tote Bag is as Ryan calls it “the Swiss army knife of bags”, a bag everyone should have, a bag with so many uses, whether you’re going to the market, to work, or a weekend trip, this is a bag you can just through your stuff in and go. Because it’s so versatile and created for daily use, the unisex bag is one of those anniversary gift ideas which is made from great quality, long lasting materials that age beautifully. For more information visit this link.



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