Cool Accessories For Your iPhone: iPhone 6 Decal Stickers, Battery Banks and More


To use an iPhone on an everyday basis requires a lot of additional accessories. From a fancy phone case to the iPhone 6 decal stickers, you need some cool accessory for your iPhone 6 too. Here is a list of four cool accessories you can try using with your iPhone 6 now.

Pocket Tripod

Carrying a tripod won’t be much of a trouble anymore if you get yourself a Pocket Tripod. Just like the name suggests, this iPhone tripod can easily stay in your pocket or bag unless it’s required. You can turn it into a stand or tripod with a simple twist and flip. Apart from this, this card size iPhone tripod also comes with precise angle adjustment capability. This will enable you to use it on any surface to prop your device and do those impromptu FaceTime calls on the go. From capturing time-lapse videos to long exposure images, this iPhone tripod is undoubtedly a robust design that is built to last. Each unit is individually tested for quality and functionality and is backed with a lifetime warranty against wear and defects.

Trobla – The Wooden Amplifier For Your Smartphone

Trobla is the hand-made acoustic amplifier that functions without batteries or electricity. You can consider it to be unique for its elegant design and magnificent audio. This wooden amplifier is designed to intensify the sound from your smartphone, wherever you are. Use Trobla to listen to your favorite music, for conference calls or when you’re in need of a morning alarm. Which Trobla version suits your home interiors more: Walnut or Maple?

Homer iPhone 6 / 6 Plus Decal Sticker

Customize your iPhone 6 in the Simpson’s style and let the Apple fever rock even more with this Homer iPhone 6 / 6 Plus Decal Sticker. It’s a super cool iPhone 6 decal stickers which creates this illusion of Homer munching on the Apple logo that can be easily removed without leaving any gooey residue behind. The ultra high-quality printing along with the super thin scratch proof base makes the sticker durable too for those who would want to keep this on for years. Specifically designed for Simpson’s fans who’ve recently got their hands on the latest iPhone 6 release. Show the world your love for this adorable family and most importantly “Homer”. D’oh!

Clutchette Power Charging Clutch Purse

Don’t worry about compromising your style or outfit to keep your devices topped up. With the Clutchette Power Charging Clutch Purse you get an on the go charge while looking chic. Available in a dozen different colors, the Clutchette is made with an ultra soft vegan leather material completed with a satin interior lining. The Clutchette conceals a powerful yet slim 2600mAh battery that holds enough juice to top up your dead smartphone battery to 100%. Recharging the battery via the built in USB cable, the Clutchette also has a dedicated pocket made just for your smartphone as it charges. Complete with a USB port to work with virtually any device, the Clutchette also has card slots to keep you organized. For more information click this link.

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