Coolest Home Decorating Accessories Ideas For The Modern Shopaholic


Keep enhancing the beauty of your home with cool decor ideas. Don’t know what could work better at your place? Try these home decorating accessories ideas.

Soundwall – Smart Wall Speaker + Canvas Art

Highlighting your speakers at home will be more beautiful and artistic with Soundwall. This is an amazing combination of a smart speaker which hangs on your wall and looks like a simple canvas art otherwise. You can choose your favorite from the framed art or creative surfaces such as chalkboard and display it on your walls. It hides the rich, hi-fi speakers within, the sound of which resonates around the entire canvas. You can play your tracks on it by pairing it up wirelessly with your phone using the corresponding Soundwall app. What you considered as simple paintings before will now become your extended source of audio at home. To call it just a mesmerising audio experience will be an understatement. It’s actually an audio visual experience you can touch.

The Sun – Stylish Yellow / Golden Wooden Wall Clock

This clock will remind you about the spectators to the sun as it shines with full power at noon. The light colored arms represent the halo around the central orb. Both the central disk and the arms are made of 6mm birch plywood board. Coming to the manufacturing process, the central disk and the arms are laser cut from a 6mm birch plywood board. After polishing, the central disk is airbrushed to metallic gold, while the arms are painted to 3 different shades of yellow and gold. The arms are simply clamped in between the splines of the central disk. Since arms are distributed manually around the disk, none of the clocks are identical.

San Francisco Panoramic Skyline Wall Mural by Eazywallz

Introducing the San Francisco Panoramic Skyline Wall Mural by Eazywallz. Showcasing this city in all its natural and manmade glory, this wall mural spans across the whole city. Available in 13 different sizes, the San Francisco Skyline Wall Mural can easily fill any wall space. Perfect for the bedroom, office, or any room of the house, the panoramic view of the city shows the rolling fog delicately laying on top of the city as well as the Golden Gate Bridge. The mural is easily peeled and stuck to your wall with its matte finish and can be just as easily removed and reused on other walls without leaving any damage or residue behind. Inspiring and beautiful, the San Francisco Panoramic Skyline Wall Mural will fulfil anyone’s wanderlust.

Burled River Coffee Table by Greg Klassen

Introducing the Burled River Coffee Table by Greg Klassen, a table inspired by the trees on the bank of the Nooksack River in Washington. Using the stunning edges and grains found in the trees, Klassen is one of those home decorating accessories ideas which has hand cut blue glass to the exact layout of the grain to create a 3D river-like design on the top of the table. The wood surface of the Burled River Coffee Table has a super smooth finish while the wood below the glass retains its natural shape and curvature. Putting an incredible amount of time and detail into each, no two tables are identical. The Burled River Coffee Table is made with quilted maple and walnut and measures 42 inches long, 25 inches wide, and stands at 16 inches tall. Harmonizing craftsmanship and nature, the Burled River Coffee Table truly celebrates the world around us. For more information about click here.



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