Latest iPhone 6 Cases: Buff iPhone Cover, Supcase iPhone 6 and More


Got an iPhone 6 but can’t come up with enough cool ideas for having that one perfect case? Here are some of the latest and the best iPhone 6 cases you must surely have a look at. The list includes the Supcase iPhone 6 Case, Mad Rhino Leather Case and more.

Black and White Intersect iPhone Case

Go minimalist without minimizing protection with the Black and White Intersect iPhone Case. Available in sizes for the iPhone 6/S and the iPhone 6/S Plus, this case also comes in either a hard plastic shell design or a soft rubber design. On the back of the Black and White Intersect Case is a geometric print with black, white, and grey tones made with high px printing. The hard plastic is ultra thin to retain the sleek shape of the iPhone while still offering all over protection. The soft rubber covers every inch with a shock absorbing layer. Along the sides and bottom are precise cut outs for the buttons and ports as well as a hole for the camera.

Real Leather iPhone Pocket by Jison Case

Protect your phone in style with the Real Leather iPhone Pocket by Jison Case. Available in sizes for the iPhone 6/6S and the iPhone 6/6S Plus, this sleeve creates an all over protection for your device as it secures every side in real leather. At the pinnacle of luxury, the Real Leather iPhone Pocket has a very natural fit and boasts an incredible nine stitches per inch to produce unmatched luxury. Made of cowhide, the Real Leather iPhone Pocket comes in your choice of brown, wine red, black, or grey leather to complement your style as well as your need for protection. The pocket has special cutouts for the charger and auxiliary jack so you can continue to charge your iPhone or listen to music while keeping the entire smartphone hidden and protected.

Mad Rhino Leather Baseball Case for iPhone 6/6S

Channel your inner 9-inning all-star with the Mad Rhino Leather Baseball Case for iPhone 6/6S. Available in either black or brown, this case features super realistic stitching to mimic exactly what you’d find on a genuine baseball. The Leather Baseball Case is made with first layer cow leather that has been vegetable tanned using sustainable and environmentally friendly methods. Each Leather Baseball Case is completely made to order to ensure both quality and uniqueness with each one. Fitting the iPhone 6/6S like a glove, the Leather Baseball Case has precisely cut holds for the camera, sleep toggle, and volume buttons to retain the accessibility yet still provide a high level or protection. Built for protection yet designed for lovers of America’s sport, the Mad Rhino Leather Baseball Case is your all-star accessory.

Buff iPhone Cover by Hard Graft

Protecting your smartphone in style should be a snap and with the Buff iPhone Cover by Hard Graft, it certainly is. Made with luxurious sand colored leather with a soft microfiber interior, this case ensures your phone remains free from the scratches and dings that come with everyday use. The Buff iPhone Cover is designed with a snug fit for your iPhone and is available for the iPhone 6/6S and the iPhone 6/6S Plus. Effortlessly snapping into place, the Buff iPhone Cover also has folded leather edges for added strength and durability. Because the leather has been expertly oiled and waxed, it will mature beautifully over time with use. Even with all of this protection and style, the Buff iPhone Cover still retains your accessibility with cut outs for the buttons, ports, and camera.

Supcase iPhone 6/6s Case

Flaunting a sporty design and quality protection features, the latest SUPCASE iPhone 6 Case has been designed especially for your iPhone 6. It comes in a variety of colors and has a snap-on cover to make the installation process easy and hassle free. The construction is of high-grade soft thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and hard polycarbonate (PC) materials. You can use it comfortably on a regular basis to protect your phone from wear and tear or unwanted damage due to dropping it on the floor. The shock absorbant feature will enable your phone to stay safe from getting harmed if in case you face such accidents every now and then. If sporty designs is your kind of style, this is the case you should go for your iPhone 6.


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