Coolest Earphones: Earin, Alto Earbuds and More

Your earphones are your biggest source of listening to music all day long. How about making these earphones look more sleek and comfy for everyday use? Check these earphones out. The list includes cool designs such as Earin, Samsung IconX and more.

Alto Earbuds

ALTO is a compact, wireless earbud that fits comfortably in your ears with a capsule that charges the earbuds wirelessly. The capsule has a capacity of 16 hours of backup – this way you can charge your ALTO twice on the go. In addition, ALTO is designed using Balanced Armature technology, providing heightened sensitivity and allowing you to hear all the details in the music. Here at ALTO, our aim is to give you the world’s best listening experience, with a simple and elegant look.

Rowkin Mini Sports Bluetooth Earbud – 24K Gold Edition

Rowkin Mini Sports Bluetooth Earbud – 24K Gold Edition.jpeg

Introducing the Rowkin Mini Sport Bluetooth Earbud, the 24K gold edition. As the world’s smallest and most easily concealed earbud, the Rowkin Mini uses Bluetooth 4.1 so you can listen to music from your device up to 25 feet away. Perfectly fitting in your ear and about the size of a penny, this single earbud is also equipped with a powerful mic so you can even take calls without running to your phone. Made with real 24K gold, the stunning Rowkin Mini comes with a portable conductive charging capsule for up to 6 hours of use and up to 60 days of standby time. Great for working out or any active lifestyle, this earbud gives you the ultimate hands free convenience. Easy to carry and even easier to connect, the Rowkin Mini 24K Gold Edition is the most stylish wireless earbud.

Samsung Gear IconX Wireless Earbuds

Cut the cord and get moving with the Samsung Gear IconX Wireless Earbuds. These earbuds are designed to complement your active lifestyles. They are totally free of wires, so you can run without getting tangled. Equipped with a wingtip and an ear tip along with three sizes, the Gear IconX Earbuds fit comfortably and securely in your ear to stay put whether you’re running, jumping, or dancing. Beyond music, these innovative earbuds also track your speed, distance, duration of activity, heart rate, and calories to sync with your smartphone later. The Gear IconX Earbuds also provide in-ear voice guidance to keep you in your zone to maximize your workout. These earbuds can hold up to 1000 songs and gives you the option to turn on ambient noise to stay alerted while you’re out.

Truu Earbuds – World’s First Wirelessly Charged Earbuds

The world’s first wirelessly charged earbuds have just launched on Kickstarter under the brand Truu. You can find the campaign on The main features of the product are the beautifully designed wireless charger, the completely wireless earbuds (bluetooth connectivity) and design for an optimal in-ear fit. It also has a magnetic feature which activates the earbuds when they are separated and deactivates them when they are connected. The charger is also magnetic to facilitate charging. The charger is developed to function as a universal charger for all wireless charging in the future. No more charging chords or cases, just pure freedom.

Earin Review – The World’s Smallest Wireless Earbuds

Earin is the smallest, wireless earbuds available on the market. Two earbuds that together function as one Bluetooth headphone, no cables, no attachments just magically small delivering high quality audio. The Best Earin Review is the smallest, wireless earbuds available on the market. Two earbuds that together function as one Bluetooth headphone; no cables, no attachments just magically small delivering high quality audio sound. Extended playtime, enabled by switching master and slave, balancing the power consumption. Mono playtime. Use one earbud while charging the other. This gives you up to 10 hours continuous playtime.


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