Coolest Jewelry For Modern Women: Infinity Ring, CUFF Necklace and More

The LEAF Fitness Tracker Jewelry by Bellabeat

Modern women like jewelry that are minimally designed. Here are some of the coolest jewelry you can gift your girl and make her happy anytime. Check now. You can start with the infinity ring for sure.

SICOX – Simple Complex Jewelry

SICOX™ is the world’s first simple yet complex jewelry. One set of jewelry with a million ways to wear it. It is a fashion jewelry line. It is a unique, functional, editable and customizable fashion jewelry. It was founded by JRuan Studio. We are based in New York City. Our team spent over three years on the process – from developing a concept to creating the product. SICOX is as versatile as it is functional, suitable for both – men and women, it is excellent for everyday wear or a night out. You can modify it to be suitable for any occasion. The design team spent over three years developing the product. It’s more than just a visual experience. In a digital world, hands-on experience is very valuable. SICOX can enhance a person’s creative thinking and thought process by inspiring consumers to create their unique design. The JRuan team has built the base. All the customer has to do is complete the design that they want. That’s why it is so much fun. Simple shapes, Big dreams.

CUFF – Lisa Smart Pendant Necklace

If you thought wearable tech doesn’t have anything to do with style, CUFF is going to make you reframe that statement. This is because it’s the first of wearable tech for women which can be accommodated with a fresh line of jewelry collection. It will help you stay safe and notified of any smartphone alerts that come your way with style. You can simply press your CUFF when you’re in danger and notify your CUFF network contacts immediately so that you get help as soon as possible. That’s what you can refer to as safety at the press of a button. Even if you put your phone away during a meeting or while at dinner, CUFF will keep you connected and notify you whenever there’s a call or a message. It’s not just one piece of jewelry but an entire collection you can mix and match with your style. Pretty ladies and fashionistas just got the wearable tech they always wanted.

The LEAF Fitness Tracker Jewelry by Bellabeat

Take care of your body and mind in a stylish way with the help of The LEAF Fitness Tracker Jewelry by Bellabeat. This beautiful piece of wearable tech is designed to help you learn about your body health by analyzing your daily routine. Even if you lack motivation in order to stay fit, LEAF will make sure you keep moving. The various features which LEAF is capable of tracking includes activity and sleep quality, stress as well as proper understanding of menstrual cycle for women. This in the long run, will help women regain control of their physical and emotional well being. You can wear it as a necklace or bracelet or clip it to your clothing as a stylish accent. The tracker can also be programmed to work as a smart alarm that will wake you up gently every morning. Simply pair it with the corresponding Android or iOS app and take your fitness regime towards perfection every single day.

Rhinestone Silver Infinity Ring

Give your infinite love to the ones you care about with the Silver Infinity Ring from Adorn512. This dainty ring features a classic design and a very thin profile making your fingers look slim, elegant and lovely while wearing it. It is studded with rhinestones giving it a beautiful finishing touch.

Watch Bandz Bracelet

A classic watch-band bracelet from Marc by Marc Jacobs with a contemporary twist. A minimalistic design, yet with a high-fashion impact. This stylish panel bracelet is on top of our favorites list. The silver & gold bracelet features a stretchy watch-band design with an engraved signature designer logo on 4 panels. Made in a high quality stainless steel with a shiny finish.


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